Golfing is supposed to be fun and healthy.  The major idea is to get out of the house, move around a lot, enjoy a game and have fun with friends all so you can stay healthy.  But modern golfing is far from healthy.  The trendy way of golfing involves hiring a golf cart with a cooler filled with all types of snacks and sugary drinks.  If you are accustomed to this lazy way of golfing then your golfing sessions could easily result in weight gain instead of weight loss.  Stick to these five tips the next time you enjoy a game and you might just be surprised about the slimmer and healthier you every time you take on the green.

5 Tips to Help You Lose Weight While Playing Golf

  1. Don’t Take The Golf Cart

Yes, skipping out on the golf cart is at the top of the list because walking is terrific for burning calories and for improving your general fitness level. If you are serious about losing weight then you seriously need to eliminate a golf cart from your game.

  1. Don’t Use A Caddy

It is quite frustrating to drag a heavy bag of golf clubs up and down the hill but well worth your effort because you will burn much more calories and you will build much stronger muscles since your arms and legs are constantly working.  Dragging around your own bag is also terrific for toning your body so you can look fabulous in that golfing outfit.

  1. Enjoy Plenty Of Swing Practice

Swing practice is great for improving your game, it is a terrific cardio workout and you build stronger arm and back muscles.  On Top Down Golf you can check out the best golf balls for extra swing practice or you can enquire at your local golf club about swing practice balls since many of these clubs are willing to provide you with a whole bucket of balls that you can use just for practicing your swing.

  1. Drink A Lot Of Water

It is incredibly important to drink plenty of water on a daily basis and even more important if you are spending a lot of time in the sun.  When you drink plenty of water you remain hydrated which improves your general health and you also wash a lot of toxins from your body while you are sweating it out on the golf course.

  1. Golf Frequently

Any weight loss program requires consistency.  You need to consistently run, jog, walk, move, body build or gym to get good results and the same goes for golf.  It doesn’t help much if you are only golfing once every blue moon.  Try to fit in as many golfing sessions as you possibly can even if that means enjoying a game of golf each and every weekend.

  1. Snack On Healthy Foods

This is probably the most important tip for losing weight through golfing.  Stock your snack pack with healthy alternatives like dried fruits, nuts, a salad and more so you can lose as much weight as possible during each and every game.

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