You get three types of little girls;

  • There are princesses that love to dress up and do makeup
  • Then you get wild little tomboys with a love for horses and the outdoors
  • And then you get a mix of the two where the little girl loves to be all girly and wild and active at the same time.

Softball is a terrific sport for any of these types of girls.

This sport is a variant of baseball but is played with a larger ball and is often suitable for indoor playing.  Softball is played by boys but is most commonly enjoyed by women or girls and is mostly considered as ladies baseball. Softball is one of the best sports to consider for your little girl because there are so many health benefits associated to this sport. Here is a quick list of health benefits your little one will enjoy when she takes up this fun activity.

Health Benefits Your Girl Child Will Enjoy When She Takes Up Softball

Body conditioning

Softball requires multiple skills and activities like running, throwing, catching and much more.  These motions are terrific for conditioning your entire body and for strengthening muscles all over your body.

Builds leadership skills

If your little girl is a little warrior then this sport is definitely a great choice.  The game involves a lot of respect, participation, socialization, friendship and strategizing which is terrific for setting the foundation for a strong woman with great leadership skills.

Improved flexibility

This is the one sport where your position in the game alternates from time to time.  This change in your game position is terrific for improving your mental and physical flexibility.

Plenty of mental health benefits

All sports have some pretty fantastic mental health benefits but softball is the best for boosting your little girl mentally because it improves self-esteem, boosts confidentiality, improves social skills and the game involves a lot of good clean fun.

Great exercise

The last thing you probably want to hear when you consider your little girl in sports is calorie burn.  Yes, softball does burn a lot of calories but that probably isn’t important to you right now.  The good news is that it is also great exercise so your child can develop good motoric skills and so muscle development will be boosted as much as possible.

Hand and eye coordination

Softball is fantastic for improving hand and eye coordination.  Hitting that small ball isn’t the easiest of tasks and it takes quite a lot of swing practice to really get it right.

Time to give this sport a try

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