Every skin type has a lot of unique ups and downs.  Fair skin for example reacts much better to cosmetics than dark skin but can get damaged by sunlight much easier.  Dark skin on the other hand is much stronger and more resilient against sun damage but is much more prone to dark patches and often resilient against a lot of cosmetic treatments.  Luckily technology and cosmetics is ever changing and ever advancing and new methods for taking great care of your skin are discovered each and every day.  Up next we are going to discuss the 6 latest and most effective skincare tips for dark girls;

6 Most Effective Skincare Tips for Healthier Dark Skin

  1. Laser hair removal – yes please!

Laser hair removal used to be a big no for black women and especially for particularly dark skinned women because the therapy was highly ineffective.  But laser hair removal systems have developed and advanced a lot in the last decade.  Today black, white and colored women alike can benefit from these devices and you can even get your treatments at home thanks to home laser removal kits.  Yes laser hair removal for dark skin is totally a possibility and it is also much healthier for your skin since laser hair removal is permanent and results in fewer skin conditions.

  1. Sunscreen for dark skin??

Dark skin usually doesn’t get sunburn but that doesn’t mean that black women can venture into the sun unprotected.  Skin cancer is no joke and affects all skin types including dark skin.  Wearing sunscreen will help reduce the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin and can protect you from cancer.

  1. Choose your foundation wisely

The right foundation can do wonders for your skin but many modern women use makeup and especially foundation to change their appearance.  If you are using foundation to change your skin color then you are using it wrong.  Be proud of your skin and use foundation that accents your natural beauty.  Too much foundation can smother your skin and can result in ache.  Instead of smothering your skin opt for a BB cream that will offer you sun protection, smooth out imperfections and vitalize your skin without changing who you are.

  1. Exfoliate every week

Exfoliating is superb for your skin.  This skincare method removes dead skin and promotes blood circulation to your skin surface which enables your body to remove toxins and dead skin cells from your skin for a more radiant, cleaner and acne free look.

  1. Facial masks are superb

A weekly face mask can keep you younger for longer.  These masks are designed to even out skin tone and to reduce the signs of aging.  They are also very relaxing and smell delicious.

  1. Drink up

This is not just a good tip for black women but for all women in general.  Water keeps your skin supple, prevents wrinkling, remove toxins from your skin, promotes even tone, radiates your skin and keeps you younger looking for longer.  Drink up for a better looking you.

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