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We have long been aware of the existence of the strong relationship that exists between the body and the mind. In medicine, it is very common for the doctor to find out that the patient is the victim of an emotional stress that triggers reactions in the body. There are cases that show a strong transformation of the body due to the way of thinking of the patient. Take the case of psychological pregnancy, for example.

Psychological issues during pregnancy is usually linked to the conflict between the desire to be a mother and the unconscious fear of liability arising. It can manifest itself in women living alone or those whose sexuality remains unresolved. This leads to the desire to take the noble role of mother without membership in the “vulgar” sexual act. Often these symptoms are due to an extremely puritanical education. The symptoms of a psychological pregnancy are exactly the same as a normal pregnancy: the stomach grows, the sickness appears, vomiting, swollen breasts and even milk in the breasts. Sometimes a woman gets to feel the fetus move.