Horrendously long hours of commuting time and unbearable traffic have become a part of daily life. It seems everyone has a car nowadays, but few have the sense to drive it properly. This results in long traffic jams especially at the closing of office hours when everyone rushes for home. Those who live in the suburbs usually take a train into and out of the city. The long journey is always tiresome and dull. However, that is not all it is. Traffic and long traveling hours are a severe health risk, both mentally and physically.

Avoid Health Risks Caused by Long Commutes and Traffic

Avoid Health Risks Caused by Long Commutes and Traffic

Here are a few ways to avoid these:

Be More Active:

Research has shown that those who travel by car are more at prone to tiredness than those who travel by bus or train. That is due to the fact they get to move around a bit while those who travel in cars cannot. A quick solution would be to make a few changes in your daily routine, like parking your car a bit far from the office, taking the stairs, going to your co-worker’s office rather than calling them, et cetera.

Stand Up:

Standing up while commuting on a train or bus can help eliminate any neck or back pain that may be caused by sitting for a long time. Folks who work in offices already have to sit around the clock, standing while traveling might relieve their spines. Slumping in the seat, dozing off with your neck at a crooked angle, et cetera are all culprits for chronic back pain. Standing will not only improve your posture but will also improve your health.

Reduce Your Commuting Time:

Leave for work a little early to dodge the morning rush or, if your job is flexible enough, take some calls or answer emails from home and leave after a rush hour. You can even leave early and work from home. Talk to your boss and reduce your traveling time.

Think Positively:

It’s understandable that it’s hard to think positive when you are stuck in hours-long traffic jam. However, think of it as a time to de-stress yourself between home and work. Take a book along with you, play your favorite game, listen to your favorite song, or watch that Netflix series you have been waiting for days. You can even just take this time and reflect upon some issues. This will improve your mood, and you might just start looking forward to commuting.

Use Alternatives:

An efficient way to beat traffic and stay fit would be to walk or ride a bike, but if you work far away, then they are not always practical. With the advent of new technologies, traveling is more fun and accessible. From the sci-fi hoverboards to the practical E-bikes, from the nostalgic skateboards to the fun Uni-cycles, traffic jams have now become beatable. They are not only healthy for your posture but environment-friendly as well. They run on batteries and thus require no gas. This means less pollution and more air to breathe.

Moreover, they are extremely easy to use, and you can learn in no time. Websites like The Electric Rider provide a complete insight of all-electric vehicles including all specifications. They also offer a buyer’s guide to help you in the process of choosing your personal transit vehicle. Along with informational reviews, they have listed the best picks for each category based on different factors.

In addition, they have some informational articles that explain how hoverboards and other electric vehicles work. Likewise, they have a user’s guide for challenging vehicles like the hoverboard to teach the readers how to ride them. These vehicles can replace your cars, beat the traffic, and keep you healthy at the same time.

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