Holidays are fantastic and meant to improve your health because you relieve your body from a lot of stress when you enjoy a holiday and you get plenty of exercise as you enjoy your holiday.  Or do you?  Let’s be completely honest for a second.  Do you really enjoy that holiday to a five star guest house or are you constantly freaking out about your budget that is ruined?  Stressing about money isn’t very good for your stress levels.  And all that exercise you were going to do… how much of your time is spent walking, running and cycling or are you found lying in the sun on the beach?  So much for a good workout and I am not even going to mention eating healthy because there is no way you are going to pass on some yummy drinks and snacks while enjoying your fancy holiday.  So what exactly is a healthy holiday?  Well, many believe that camping is the best and healthiest holiday that you can enjoy.

Camping – The Healthiest Holiday That You Can Enjoy

Lots of hard but fun work in camping

Camping involves a lot of work like setting up camp, splitting wood, cleaning a camp site, walking to find some bushes to do your business and figuring out how to survive in the wilderness.  These activities might seem like hard work but it is actually great fun because who wouldn’t want to give some of these wilderness activities a try at least once in their life?

Camping means lots of adventures

When you enjoy camping you get to enjoy a lot of adventures such as fishing, long walks, exploring and you get to enjoy plenty of wild life which is terrific for your health because you are getting a good distraction from work while getting in some exercise.

Plenty of fresh air

Plenty of fresh air is just what you need to relieve some stress and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get this.

No technology to distract you

Camping is also healthy because it gives you a break from technology which is good for curing terrible internet addictions.

Here’s how to overcome your fear of camping

If you are terrified of camping then don’t fret because you aren’t alone.  Plenty of people fear camping especially when they have had a bad experience before.  The cure for your camping fears is much simpler than you might think.  A simple portable generator and inverter is all you need to overcome your camping fears. With a portable generator you will have all the lighting you need to keep you safe from wilderness creatures and insects.  You have a way to recharge your phone so you can call for help whenever you need to and you can even enjoy small electric appliances like a fan or even a small TV set. Visit to have a look at some of the best small generators and inverters that you can get affordably.  These generators are terrific for camping and can help you out around home as well when you have a power outage or when you are working far from a power source.

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