Whether it is your first shaver or you are looking into upgrading your shaver, it may be confusing on what electric shaver to settle on. With the right tips however, it is much easier to get the best shaver for your needs. Some of the factors to consider may include:

Choosing The Best Electric Shaver for Your Needs

Choosing The Best Electric Shaver for Your Needs


When it comes to electric shavers, there are some brands that are well known such as Panasonic, Philips, Braun and Remington. Most of them are well known for their quality build hence they are trusted. The kind of brand to settle on will mainly depend on personal preference.

Shaving mechanism

Shaving mechanisms of electric shaver can either be rotary or foil. Foil shavers are those that have a foil covering the cutting blade. The foil glides over contours when one is moving back and forth and hence shaving. Foils shavers are great if one has sensitive skin, has short hair or if you are looking for a close shave. A rotary shaver as the name suggests is one that moves its head in a circular motion to make a shave.

Charging mechanism

Electric shavers can have different shaving mechanisms. They can either be battery powered, mains powered or rechargeable. The best option will depend on your lifestyle as an individual. Rechargeable shavers are best suitable if you love to travel and want to use the shaver on the go since they give you flexibility and convenience. On the other hand battery operate shavers are not as cost effective hence are not suitable for everyday use. The best kind of charging mechanism will depend on your needs and preference.

Wet vs. Dry

When choosing an electric shaver, it is good to keep in consideration whether you prefer dry or wet shaving. There are some shavers that are best suitable for dry shaving while there are others that are best suitable for wet shaving. Most people prefer dry electric shavers since they are convenient and fast. With a wet shaving you will need a shaving cream or gel. It is good to keep in mind that there are some brands that are best suitable for dry while there are some brands that are best suitable for wet.

Cleaning techniques

Every electric shaver has to be cleaned hence a care and maintenance routine is a must. There are some shavers that have more ease of cleaning more than others. There are some that come with an inbuilt cleaning and charging stations hence can clean themselves up. The kind of cleaning you are looking for will depend on what you are comfortable with.


Electric shavers will have different prices depending on the features they have as well as the quality. A high quality shaver will attract a high price tag which may be even up to $500. It is however worth spending more for quality so as to get value for money.

As a general rule of thumb, research and comparison is paramount before any purchase and you always have to keep that in mind.

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