A treadmill is a great way for you to achieve your health goals. It is important for one to get the right machine so that you may be able to easily achieve your health goals. The wrong machine will hinder you more than help you and can serve as a great DE motivator making it hard to achieve your goals. Due to the great benefits of treadmills, most of them are not very cheap hence you need to make sure that you make the right investment choice. The machine should be able to complement and enhance your workout routine. It should be able to be in sync with your training style and be able to fit your room. There are several factors to keep in mind when looking for a treadmill, they include:

Choosing The Best Treadmill for Your Health

Choosing The Best Treadmill for Your Health

Running surface size

Treadmill comes in different sizes to suit different needs. The size of the treadmill should be able to suit the purpose of the treadmill. The belt will come in different sizes of width or length. In terms of width, you should only go for a narrow belt if you are conversant with it. This is due to the fact that belts with narrow surfaces will give you less room for missteps or swerving. Wide belts are best suitable for beginners and those who have balance issues since they are more comfortable. General, most belts have a width of about 20”. When it comes to the length, there is no right or wrong length, it basically depends on the kind of workout that you intend to do. For walking, a length of 50” is recommended, and when it comes to running a length of 55” is recommended. When it comes to the size of the treadmill however, the height of the user is very important hence you need to keep that in mind.


When it comes to treadmills, the ability to change the speed and incline is very important. Different treadmills will have different adjustability features which may be in form of buttons or dials, intervals of increments and may either be manual or digital. This is important to make sure that your workouts don’t fall flat. The incline is also an important feature that should be adjustable. It is the incline that changes the intensity of a workout hence can help you achieve your goals depending on the kind of exercise that you embark on doing. More incline basically means more pressure applied to your body to achieve a certain effect. Inclines can either be manual or motorized and motorized is normally better not to inconvenience your workout sessions. Most of the time, treadmills will come with a 10-15% incline.


The portability of a treadmill is an important consideration to make even though it may just be for home use. It will create more convenience if it is foldable and portable especially if you are in a small house or where kids are involved since you don’t want it to be on display all the times.

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