When it comes to a hair straightener, choosing the right one makes all the difference. Good thing with a hair straightener is that it can be used as both a curling iron and a volumiser in a pinch. Since cheap is expensive, the right tool goes a long way and will give you value for money. It is better to invest in the right tool that will give you value for money and last long. The kind of appliance you have also has an influence on your hair. The right tool will make sure that your hair does not get damaged or have a bad texture. Some of the factors to consider ensuring that you end up with the right straightener include:

Choosing The Right Hair Straightener

Choosing The Right Hair Straightener

The shape

As the name flat iron suggests, the flat iron should be flat. The edge of the flat iron can however have an effect on the versatility of the tool. When he plates and outer edges are kind of rounded, it makes it easy to use the straightener as a curling iron too. The flat iron should not have sharp edges as that makes it less adaptable and flexible giving you straight hair.

Plate width

It is more obvious that a wide plate makes work easier and hence it will be easy to straighten hair fast. This however depends on ones needs. For women who are on the move, maybe a narrow plate would do better since they are more portable and would fit into a bag more easily. The size of the plate width will depend on your kind of hair. Wide plates may not be very suitable for those with fine hair as too much heat will damage the hair shaft more easily.

Plate material

There is a variety of materials that can be used for making straighteners. There is no right or wrong plate; it all depends on the needs of your hair. Most of the time the materials used can either be titanium, ceramic or tourmaline. As for titanium, they heat up very quickly and are best suitable if you are looking for high temperatures since it applies high temperature evenly. Ceramic irons are the ones that are best suitable for most hair types. They will give you value and effectiveness. When looking for ceramic irons you should however be careful to make sure it’s not only the coating.


Most of the time, high heat will straighten faster though it may not be very suitable for some hair type’s especially very fine hair. Because of that reason and to reduce heat damage, it is better to look for an iron that you can control the heat settings. When doing styling, it’s better to do it at the lowest heat settings so that you can get the best results. You can get good ones at Hair Straightener Studio.

Basically to get a good hair straightener you need to do your due diligence, plenty of research and comparison is inevitable.

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