If you are a meat lover, you probably know the importance of the right steak knife. As much as there are many steak knives in the market, the kind of steak knife you end up has so much influence on how you will enjoy your steak. You all want to end up with a steak knife that will make your life easier.

The first step to steak knives guide is to realize that there are different types of knives. They are basically differentiated by the kind of blade they have. The steak knife blade can either have a straight or serrated blade. They all have good functionality and depend on what you are looking for.

Choosing The Right Steak Knife for A Healthier You

Straight blades as the name suggests are straight and use the sharp edge for cutting. They are basic and most common types of knives in the market. You should however keep in mind that they need more maintenance and hence they will have to be sharpened more often as compared to serrated knives.

Serrated blades are knives that come with serrated ridges on the blade that is used to cut the meat. It is best suitable to roasted meat and bread. They are however likely to stay sharper for longer as compared to straight blades. They are however much harder to sharpen.

Since you have a sneak preview of the types of steak knives in the market, it is important to know how to choose a blade since a knife is all about the blade. Some of the factors to consider when looking for a blade include:


As much it is one of the overlooked factor I is very important. You should make sure that there is a balance between the handle and the blade. It should also be comfortable to use.

Size of the blade

Blades come in different sizes the common ones being 5 inch and 7 inch blades. The smaller the blade, the better the cutting ability and quality. Most of the times, short blades are used for home use while longer blades are used for restaurants since they are more appealing to customers. Shorter blades are however easy to use as they are easier to hold and offer so much flexibility.

Blade handle

The handle used on the blade is what will determine how comfortable the knife will be to use. Most handles are made from steel, wood or rubber since they give a comfortable hold.


Different blades are made of different materials and that affects the quality. Most knives are made from stainless steel material since it is high quality and long lasting. The blade may come in different stainless steel materials which may wither be cold steel, tempered or hard carbon steel.  Out of the three, hard carbon steel is the lightest and cold steel is the most robust knife.

Fit of the knife

The components of the knife should be properly placed together to make sure that there are no gaps between the blade and the handle. This makes sure that it is more rigid and strong.

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