Staying healthy doesn’t have to be as challenging as you think. It isn’t all about exercise and diet anymore. Well, it probably is. But, what if we could show you some crazy ways to stay healthy? Then maybe you would be a little bit more enthusiastic about how you spend your days and what you put in your mouth. Then your waist line won’t be as important as having a good time. Yes, you can be healthy and have fun while doing it.

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Crazy Ways to Stay Healthy

Weirdest Methods You Ever Read to Improve Health

Some of these may not be as shocking as you expect. Others, however, will probably open your eyes to how much fun you can have and stay well.  These are, indeed, the weirdest methods your ever read to improve your health:

  1. Have Sex– Copulating with your spouse a couple times a week is probably not a shocking revelation when it comes to staying healthy. But, maybe you don’t know why it’s good for you. It will boost your immunoglobin so that you can better fight off colds and flu. Read more.
  2. Red Wine– If you would like to see your chance of heart attack and stroke lowered, drinking a glass of red wine, every day, is recommended. And, it may even help you fight cancer.
  3. Music- Stressed out? Music will help lower your blood pressure and your stress. Plus, research suggests that it can boost concentration and potentially even battle pain for you.
  4. Floss- Bacteria loves plague and that means flossing can help you keep those nasties out of your system. By the way, these are the kinds of bacteria that lead to strokes and heart attacks. So, flossing is good. Really good. Learn more about updated information on flossing and health.
  5. Dark Grape Juice– If you’re not interested in ingesting an alcoholic beverage, settle for dark grape juice. Apparently, it has many of the same beneficial qualities as those found in red wine.
  6. Sing- You thought singing in the shower and the car was just fun, or annoying for your kids. But, it’s actually an aerobic activity. It can improve mental prowess and the lymphatic system. And, it can even boost circulation. So, sing all you want, even if you are totally off key.
  7. Coffee– With red wine on the list, there’s no doubt some of you were hoping for your second favorite beverage. Yes, coffee is good for you. There are diseases that seem to find coffee’s presence less than desirable. And, although there’s no definitive proof, it is believed that coffee can ward off diabetes, cancer, and even strokes.

If this list isn’t expansive enough for you, you can always read the rest of the suggestions at this site. But, if you are seriously contemplating taking up longboarding, you should read the reviews at Top Sports Brands.

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