Dance is a physical activity, playful and easy to access.Just turn on the radio so that it is possible to practice. Thinking about it, the April 29th was established by the International Dance Committee of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as the World Dance Day. If you would like to start changing your life today, access

A major concern when you celebrate this day is to raise attention to the activity among the general public, not only in specialized jazz dancers, ballroom dancing, tap dancing or tango. The dance reveals the joy of discovering through the exploration of his own body and movement qualities. It is the art of moving the body as a whole, established thanks to a rhythm and a choreographic composition. In childhood it is of fundamental importance because it offers the development of healthy habits that can modify future appearances of chronic diseases as an adult, and offer greater motor skills for various activities; reducing injuries; improving social adaptation; etc.

Dancing is perfect for:

– Working the physical abilities as well as movement, expression, musicality, literalness, creativity and socializing.

– Encourage the practice of physical activity.

– Develop knowledge of dance, the limits and the processing ability of the student.

– Compose choreography for performances year-end and other events.

– Develop coordination, balance and flexibility.

– Social interaction and group together (boys and girls).

You should also count on to:

Dancing to improve your socializing skills

  1. Lose weight and tone your body

In some embodiments it is possible to spend up to 700kcal / hour and have shaped and defined body. Aerobic classes are the most suitable, because they maintain the accelerated and steady heartbeat, like Walk Dance, Hip Hop, Aerojazz, Zumba and Zouk. You must visit our link: here for more to know. Other styles, such as salsa, ballet and belly dance are also great ways to relax,have funand lose weight.

  1. Helps reduce stress and anxiety

One of the benefits of exercise through dance is to reduce stress and relax the muscles. Also, the dance stimulates concentration, soothes and calms, decreasing anxiety accumulated during the day. It is an exercise that is good for the body and mind!

  1. Improves self-esteem

Students feel more confident with the change in the body and can even express themselves better, because the dance allows for freedom of movement unknown until then.

  1. Increases blood capacity and is good for the heart

Some embodiments dance increases heart rate equivalent to an aerobics class, for example. They also stimulate blood circulation and improve lung capacity.

  1. Fighting depression

Dance has the ability to connect the body, mind and spirit. Beyond the physical benefits also brings inner peace and really rocks the emotional and is able to put feelings out. Some students end up changing to dance therapy.

  1. It can be practiced by anyone at any age

Today, there are several types of dance that can fit any need. Children, adults and seniors, provided they have the monitoring and instruction of a trained professional, can practice even more than one method.

  1. Help to make new friends and socialize

The practice of a group exercise helps in socializing and thinking together, in addition to being a great way to make new friends, always welcome. Moreover if you need to know something else read more here. And do not worry: if you go to adance hall, you do not need a partner. There are usually many people with the willingness to follow, but often there is a rotation among ladies and gentlemen.

What clothes should I use?

For exercising, there is nothing better than comfortable clothingthat allowsthe freedom ofmovement, always appropriate to the style you chose. Especially suitable shoes, such as sneakers or jazz shoes. When you start practicing a dance, ask your teacher what is the best attire for the classes.

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