The internet is the first stop for anyone with any sort of issue, and that includes health issues. Most people will usually Google about the issues that their health is facing before they even go to see a doctor. This has made it very important for health-related businesses to make their presence online, where they can offer their advice and probably redirect those seeking their help back to them physically. Now, starting a website can be both hard and easy, depending on the perspective with which you look at it. In this article, we are going to take a look at some tips to designing your health-related website homepage. Remember that the homepage is the first place that visitors to your website will land before they redirect to other pages. This means that it really has to stand out, being the first impression for your business. Read on for some of the tips we have provided for you.

Designing Your Health-Related Website Homepage

Use Lightweight Image Files

Most users prefer webpages which load faster as compared to those which seem as if they are slowing down the whole system. Despite the fact that you will be tempted to put high-res images which are also bigger, these are the ones which are likely to lag and drive your visitors away.

Call to Action

If I was to visit your website for the first time, I would not want it to be complicated for me to find what I want. This is where one prominent call to action button comes in, taking me directly to the next step of the process. It should automatically make me a lead or a sale when I click on it.

What is Your Value?

You need to inform and be clear to your visitors about why they should take action and probably click on that call-to-action (CTA) button. Everyone likes clarity in such and if you are not clear chances are that they will not take any action. Apart from being clear about the action your visitors need to take, you also need to be clear about why they need to take that action. Doing this with the correct grammar and spelling, you should consider the points below:

  • What will the visitors get when they click the CTA?
  • What is in the content on the homepage in terms of the solution provided?
  • How easy is it for the visitors to pass on the message to others?

Below are some ways to address the points mentioned above:

  1. Keep repeating the value or benefits to your visitors throughout the page.
  2. Stress on the importance of your solution and what makes it stand out from the rest. Stress on the importance of your brand in terms of service, goods, customer service, etc. be very specific at how you make this happen,
  3. Your homepage should be easy to scan.

Vintage Font Collections

Alternatively, you can get a professional to create for you your landing page and other webpages. He will be able to do it better, probably even do the graphic design for you. There are many things that can be used such as the classic and vintage fonts which you would want to have as text. Just make sure to work hand in hand with the designer to ensure that you get exactly what you want.


It is important to have a good website if you are going to get visitors who convert into sales or leads. It is all about the content and the design of the website as you mostly noticed from the tips above. Tag along with some of the tips mentioned above.

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