Drug tests are necessary in many situations, and there are many methods that are used to determine whether a person is using certain drugs. This is necessary in sporting events such as athletics, law enforcement cases where they test for illegal drugs, drunk driving, and a host of other things. In this article, we are going to go through some of the methods that they use to test for drugs in our blood systems. There could be many more, but we will just focus on the most common ones, mentioned below. There are many different types of drugs, and some of them have different blood testing methods.

Drug Testing Methods

Saliva Drug Test

This is an oral fluid test, and it is done to determine short term drug abuse. It has a two-day detection window, whereby they can identify the presence or use of drugs. It is one of the most popular drug testing methods because it is reliable. This is because of absorption that takes place and the high levels of concentration of drug components that remain in the oral cavity after drug use. During the test, saliva is taken from the gums and cheeks.

Saliva drug tests are usually taken:

  • When an incident occurs, and drugs are suspected to be the cause.
  • When someone is thought or suspected to be under the influence of drugs.

Urine Drug Test

A urine drug test, just like a saliva test, is done to determine short-term drug abuse profiling with a detection window of between 4 hours and 8 days when detecting cannabis, this window can be detected for up to 30 days. It is most commonly used to detect recent illegal and therapeutic drug use.

Urine tests are mostly taken:

  • This is a practical method of drug testing, making it the most popular in the workplace. It’s usually used for random testing, pre-employment testing, and abstinence monitoring
  • Drug testing for family law care proceedings
  • For detecting alcohol consumption.

Hair Drug Test

A hair drug test, on the other hand, is used for long-term drug abuse profiling, coming more than 90 days of detection window, the longest of all the sample types. When one consumes drugs, metabolites are absorbed into the hair strands from the bloodstream. This takes place 7 to 10 days after using the drugs, and is very accurate and effective, making this the best when you’re after a person’s drug history.

When is a hair drug test used most?

  • In workplace testing for random testing, pre-employment screening and abstinence monitoring
  • In legal cases like as family law
  • For rehabilitation purposes
  • To detect alcohol consumption

Combination of methods

Urine, hair and saliva tests are combined when one is seeking the time line of drug detection since it provides a historical view of an individual’s drug history, and their most recent use of drugs.

The Piss Perfect

In the event that you’re going for a drug test and you’re not sure whether you’ll pass it, there are ways to get around it. You could be fooling around with your friends, probably on a bet or something, and if you test positive, you lose. In this article, we are going to look at the Piss Perfect, a device that is similar to, but probably better than the whizzinator. It is a device that can be used for a urine test, in situations where you really need to pass those tests but aren’t sure if you will. It is made by Wizclear, a company that makes alternative sex toys. It is a medical grade synthetic urine device that resembles a real penis, complete with veins, wrinkles and all.

The package comes with a support belt, syringe, urine pouch, a package of Rapid Clear Clean Pee, and sticky heat pads to maintain a realistic body temperature for 8 hours, allowing toxin-free urine play without the risk of spreading disease. At the flip of a silent switch, it will release urine. It also comes in five skin colors, that are blended into the silicone during manufacture, and they are white, tan, latino, brown, and black. One of the best things about it is the price, coming at $20 less than its competitors.


As you saw above, there are many drug testing methods. Others could even include blood samples. The ones that we mentioned in this article are simple and the most commonly used. In the event that you don’t have urine, or aren’t sure if you’re going to pass the urine test, you can use a Piss Perfect to pee for you. It can be handled with one hand, making it convenient.

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