If you have one hell of a noisy dog in your house, then you might want to consider a bark collar. A lot of noise may be the cause of sleepless nights which may have an impact on your health. We all know the impact of a good night’s sleep on your health. If you value your sleep and you have a noisy dog, you may want to consider investing in a bark collar. There are many types of bark collars in the market. Some of the three of the top five bark collars to get your dog include:

Getting A Dog Bark Collar for Optimum Health

  1. PetSafe Gentle Spray Bark Collar

It has been rated as the best bark collar so far in the market. The Petsafe spray bark collar operates by use of a citronella spray which is used gently and slowly so that it may not shock the dog.  The aim of the spray is to make the dog get your attention.

In order to operate better, the bark collar has a microphone and a vibration sensor so that it can be able to easily detect the barking patterns of your dog.

As much as the spray uses citronella, it is water resistant and the collar can easily be refilled once the shocks become uncomfortable. The collar comes with a 6-volt alkaline battery that is part of the package.

Since citronella is strong, buying dog training shock collar it may be annoying for your dog but is harmless. There are guaranteed results just after a few weeks.

  1. Petsafe Deluxe Bark Control Collar- Cheap Bark Collar

It has been deemed as a cheap bark collar. It comes with eighteen static stimulation levels which makes it suitable for dogs of all sizes and temperaments. It has three correction modes whereby each mode has six correction levels. The correction mode is the one that is used to correct the barking intensity.

It operates by doing a detection of the bark and vibration of the dog. It also has a safety feature that can automatically switch off to stop the correction for 30 seconds.

Unlike other collar, this particular one does not have false triggers and has a long battery life.

  1. SportDOG Sport Hunter 825- Best for barking and all kinds of dog training (Recommended)

It is the most efficient and versatile bark collar and uses the most advanced technologies as compared to other dog collars. That’s why it is recommended for barking and dog training.

If you have big and energetic dogs, then that is the dog collar to go for. It gives the dog a range of one two miles up to where the dog can reach/explore.

The SportDog bark collar has an intensity of low to medium which is made possible by the 7 stimulation levels it has. The package includes a receiver and a transmitter than are both waterproof which make it long lasting. This gives an option for vibration if one does not prefer shocks. The package also includes rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that lasts long and can be used 50 to 70 hours.

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