Since people spend most of their time indoors, it is important to make sure that the interiors of any house are well taken care of. The environment inside a house has an adverse effect on one’s health. According to research the indoors have more effect on one’s health than the outdoors. Indoor air pollution is thus even more dangerous than outdoor air pollution. One of the ways we can make sure that the indoors have a good environment is by getting a good ventilation system. Some of the ways in which good home ventilation is important for your health includes:

Getting A Good Home Ventilation for Your Health

Getting A Good Home Ventilation for Your Health

Helps to reduce condensation

When the indoor is very humid, when it cools down condensation occurs through water vapor. A lot of moisture in the house can lead to mold, mildew which is not only bad for furniture and the household things but also bad for one’s health. It can lead to respiratory problems and allergies among many other health problems. Good ventilation is therefore important to help in regulation of temperature and moisture levels.

Helps to reduce levels of VOC concentrations

VOCs also known as volatile organic compounds are normally emitted from furnishings and household chemicals. It is not harmful in low concentrations but may become toxic in high concentrations. Since sometimes one may be careless about storage of chemicals and furnishings leading to high levels of VOCs in the home, a good solution would be getting a good ventilation system.

Helps to lower levels of Radon gas

Radon gas is emitted from soil and rocks though it is only found in some parts of the country. Radon gas has been linked to lung cancer and respiratory problems. If you live near mines, you should have a good ventilation system to get rid of Radon gas.

Get rid of allergens

Allergens are inevitable in any home but the good thing is they can always be filtered out with a good ventilation system. Common sources of allergens include pollen, dust and other irritants. Ventilation can helps to get rid of allergens reducing the rate of allergies.

To prevent respiratory problems and Asthma

Areas that are damp and have mold are prime areas for dust mites and bacteria that may cause asthma and respiratory problems. Dust mites are notorious for causing eczema, itching and respiratory problems. Good ventilation gets rid of dust mites and damp conditions that may lead to multiplication of bacteria.

Good ventilation starts right from construction and that means getting a good architectural designer to make sure that all is well. Once the home has a good ventilation system even if there is need to add more it is much easier. There are many types of ventilation systems that may be used in a home; it all depends on your individual needs and preferences. Before constructing a house therefore it is good to know of the ventilation systems out there so that it may be easier for you to choose one. You should however note that it will also depend on the design of the house.

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