Nowadays, timber frame houses are gaining immense popularity due to the range of architectural designs and the health benefits these houses offer. The timber frame homes are somewhat similar to a beam log and post house. The frame is a combination of vertical and horizontal timber beams. Since timber has a very good appearance and adds to the aesthetics of the house, the bare timber is usually seen in the house to give it an edgy interior.

Houses that are made of timber have a good symmetry and strength. They also allow the architect to play with complex designs due to the structural security and stability the timber frame provides. The timber frame homes are also less expensive as compared to other wood frame houses as the volume of wood used is less. A basic timber frame package from the Artisan log and timber homes include the structure of your house, roof panels, stairs and railing and all other required hardware. They take care of all the things for you by providing the assembly of the structure as well.

Health Benefits of Timber Frame Homes

Health Benefits of Timber Frame Homes

Health benefits proposed by timber frame houses are:


Living in a house made of timber gives you a very close to nature feeling. It has a number of psychological benefits. Timber is known to be providing a stress-reducing atmosphere.

It has been seen that workers who work with timber and individuals who live in timber frame houses live a stress-free and lively house, mainly because it is natural and gives you a close to the natural feeling.

Like synthetic materials, there is no outgassing, which can cause certain intoxication in adults and babies.

Absorption of CO2:

Wood primarily and timber specifically has an ability to store carbon dioxide. Thus, living in a house made of timber frame means living in a carbon dioxide-free atmosphere. With the increased amount of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere, carbon dioxide poisoning is not uncommon. Living in timber frame houses you are free from this risk. It absorbs the carbon dioxide and prevents you from inhaling it. This is also one of the reasons that folks living near timber wood or in timber houses are psychologically and physically healthy.

Climate changes:

Wood is the only building material that can tackle every kind of climate change. It not only removes carbon from inside the house but also outside the house. It maintains the house temperature and provides the ideal living conditions.

Apart from health benefits timber has certain other benefits as well. It is not only affordable but also helps you in designing your house in a better way. Assembling of a timber frame home takes only a week or two as compared to other construction options which might take up to 6 months.

Timber frame houses provide a flexible structure that can bear weights and it can also change according to the floor plan. Timber frame homes adopt the open concept which is growing famous day by day. It gives the house an expensive traditional look and gives your house the required strength.

Just as the coin embraces two sides, timber frame house also has a few disadvantages; although these disadvantages are not non-repairable, they require a few treatments. For instance, timber is prone to pests; it can be a problem for you so you can get an anti-pest treatment for your house. The Artisan log and timber homes provide and pre pest treated structure so you don’t have to face any inconveniences in the future.

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