Nobody likes to wake up in the early hours of the day to head to work, but no matter how your job is, you have to do what you have to do to bring home the bread and butter. Whether you are a banker, a writer, or someone from payroll services australia, you spend a large portion of your day travelling to work.

Travelling to Work Can Be Bad For You

It turns out that commuting can have negative effects on your mental and physical health. Whether you are in your car or any kind of public transport, commuting can cause stress. In particular, women are more prone to these stressful circumstances, as they have additional responsibilities as a homemaker.

It can also cause weight gain because it takes up the time that can be spent on beneficial activities such as meditating, exercising or cooking healthy meals. Siting on a car or bus does not do much good to your body. It can even lead to higher blood pressure, BMI and cholesterol.

Here is how you can make your daily travelling to work more enjoyable and healthier.

Healthy Ways to Travel to Work

Get the Bicycle Out

Get your bicycle out of the garage and start pedaling. This way, you are likely to take fewer sick days than your peers who travel in their cars or the train. If you cannot bike directly to work, bike to a nearby bus or train station. You can also meet a carpool group that is just few miles away from your place.

Get Your Friends Involved

Travelling alone to work is no fun. Being alone can lead to feelings of isolation and unhappiness. Find some friends with whom you can share the drive or ride. People who use public transportations make friends more quickly and have more varied social interactions compared to people who drive on their own. If you organize someone to share your ride with, you will have someone to talk to about topics you like, and also reduce expenses for each of the vehicles.

Eat Smart Snacks

Delayed trains or horrible traffic jams in the evening can easily ruin a great day. Under such circumstances, going several hours without eating is not a wise choice. To prevent yourself from starving, carry quick and healthy snacks such as fruits, almonds or homemade granola bars with you.

Go for a Walk

You are likely to be sitting at some point during the commute. So, take a walk whenever you can. Walk to the train station instead of driving there. You can also park your car in a far-away spot. Even taking the stairs instead of the elevator to the office everyday will have a positive effect.

Choose Gentle Music

It may be tempting to listen to rap or high-energy music to get yourself enthusiastic about your day, but listening to such genres can actually lead to rash driving and accidents. Instead, choose classical or other kinds of relaxing music that will help you to focus and make for a more pleasant and safer trip.

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