We all know the risks involved in smoking but plenty of people still enjoy smoking despite all of the risks.  There is just something intoxicating about smoking and especially cigar smoking.  Cigar smoking has an aroma and results in a relaxing feeling that you just cannot get anywhere else.  The feeling of luxury, the smell and the sweet sensation of lighting up that giant cigar between your fingers is ultimately thrilling.

Just because you are enjoying an unhealthy habit doesn’t mean that your health always has to be at risk.  With the right smoking technique and the right health goals in mind, you can still keep your health pretty good despite enjoying an unhealthy activity.  Here are a few tips to become a healthy cigar smoker.

How to Become a Healthy Cigar Smoker

How to Become a Healthy Cigar Smoker

Get a cigar humidor

A cigar humidor is a device that keeps your cigars fresh and flavorful.  The humidor maintains the right humidity level for your cigars so they won’t go bad or lose their appeal.  Cigar humidors vary in size.  You can get a small humidor for your desk or invest in a large humidor so you can bulk up on cigars. This handy little box doesn’t just keep your cigars fresh but also keeps your cigars from getting contaminated by other airborne microbes that can infect your lungs.

Puff instead of inhaling

75% of cigar smokers don’t inhale their cigars.  They merely puff and still get that smoky aroma without poisoning their lungs.  This puffing technique makes cigar smoking a lot healthier than cigarette smoking and also enables you to enjoy your hobby without the risk of cancer.

Keep your cigars limited

A single cigar can contain as much tobacco as an entire pack of cigarettes.  Keep that in mind the next time you decide to breathe in and the next time you light up more than one cigar a day.  The best way to stay healthy is by reserving your cigars for those extra special occasions.

Brush after you smoke

Cigars, cigarettes, and pipes all have a terrible effect on your teeth.  If you want to prevent early tooth loss then it is best to brush thoroughly after smoking and to keep your mouthwash close by so you can wash out your mouth and tongue to keep your throat healthy.

Use your cigar for health reasons

Cigars can benefit your health in certain ways if used correctly.  Smoking a cigar has been known to relax your body and mind and lower blood pressure.  It might be a good idea to keep your cigars for those extra stressful or extra depressing days so you can combat these other risky conditions and get some health benefits while you are smoking.

Mind others

You should also mind the health of those that share the same environment as you.  Second-hand smoke is just as toxic as smoking.  Mind the health of others and keep your cigar smoke out of their faces.

These tips cannot keep you from getting cancer but the tips are great for keeping you as healthy as possible while you decide to keep smoking.

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