As much as smoking makes us feel good and is enjoyable, it has adverse effects on our health and that is why you need to quit smoking. Quitting smoking requires hard work and a strategy and that is what many people don’t realize that’s why they say it is hard. As much as it is not the easiest, it is very much doable. Tobacco can be very addictive but at the same time is the leading cause of preventable death and hence it is worth quitting smoking. It is due to the fact that it is hard to quit smoking that the FDA rolled out plans to limit the levels of nicotine in Cigarettes so that it is easy for smokers to quit smoking. Some of the measures you can take to make quitting smoking easier include:

How to Quit Smoking for The New Year

How to Quit Smoking for The New Year

Prepare for the quit

When it comes to smoking, you don’t just wake up one day and decide you have quit smoking. You have to plan on quitting smoking. Planning will make quitting easier especially if you have been smoking for a long while. In planning you have to know why you plan to quit, identifying the triggers and how you can avoid them and also letting your close friends and family know about it so that they can be a source of accountability.

Consider nicotine replacement therapy

As mentioned earlier, it is nicotine that gets one addicted and makes it hard for them to quit smoking. The good thing is that there are nicotine replacement therapies such as patches or gums that may help us break the addiction cycle. They will give you small amounts of nicotine and thus helping to alleviate symptoms of withdrawal.

Smoking cessation medication

This is a non-nicotine approach that you can use to help you quit smoking. There are several smoking cessation medications that work by blocking receptors that activate nicotine in the brain.

Practice mindfulness

Believe it or not, mindfulness is a great way of breaking your addiction cycle. There are many mindfulness techniques that you can use. For example just as there is hypnosis for healthy eating, there is hypnosis for smoking too. Hypnosis is one of the effective mindfulness techniques to help you in quitting smoking. Apart from hypnosis, there are other mindfulness techniques such as meditation and yoga that have proved to be effective too.


People smoke because of different reasons and some people don’t really know the root cause of their smoking. Going for counseling will help them get in terms with their inner self and hence get solutions on how they can be able to quit smoking.


Exercise can help in quitting smoking in the sense that it can reduce the urge to smoke and can also help in alleviating withdrawal symptoms that one get while they are trying to quit smoking. Aerobic exercises such as running, swimming and cycling are especially very helpful if one is trying to quit smoking.

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