You may be someone who has always loved cats and it is only natural that you want to care for one cat or more. How will you know if your cat is healthy especially if you are a first-time cat owner? There are different things that you can do to keep your cat healthy and happy. The more that your cat is satisfied, the better it will be as your companion.

Some cat breeds are known to require less maintenance as compared to others but if you are willing to go all out, you can get the best cat breed for your needs. When you go to New Mexico, you will know more about Barbara Bruins and her dedication and love for pets. She has managed to decrease the number of animals that are killed through Euthanasia and she wishes that the numbers will be reduced even more.

How to Raise a Healthy Cat

How to Raise a Healthy Cat

It is best that you adopt a cat instead of shopping for a cat as you will be able to save a lot of homeless cats and give them the love, care, and affection that they need. These are some of the tips you can remember so you can raise a healthy cat:

  • Brush Your Cat’s Fur – Cats are prone to getting hairballs so it is best that you lessen your cat’s discomfort with trying to cough up hairballs by brushing your cat once a day. It can be a challenge to brush your cat’s hair when it does not want to be brushed but you can do it when your cat is relaxed. Make sure that your cat trusts you before you attempt brushing or you are going to get scratched.
  • Feed Your Cat Properly – Some cat owners rely too much on cat food in order to provide the nutrients that their cats need. Dry food should be given in moderation especially since it contains a lot of carbohydrates. Cats need more meat that can be given through wet food or well-prepared food that will be safe for your cats to consume. Do not feed your cat anything raw as they will find it hard to digest.
  • Allow Your Cat to have Fresh Water – This is especially true when your cat eats dry food often. The cat should get enough water to aid in digestion. Remember that elderly cats are prone to dehydration and would need more water especially if it is hot.
  • Get a Litter Box – The number of litter boxes that you have should correspond to the number of cats that you have at home. Cats do not want to share litter boxes and they should not share. Have enough litter boxes for all your cats and you will make them happy.
  • Get a Scratching Post – A scratching post is going to be ideal if you do not want your couch to be torn to shreds. Place the post in a place where your cat is going to see it immediately. You can also sprinkle it with catnip just to make it more appealing to your cat.

With all of these things in mind, you can have a highly satisfied cat that will be a great companion in the years to come.

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