Fitness videos are absolutely fantastic for busy people that don’t have time to hit the gym.  You can come home, put on your oldest and most comfy of tracksuits, pop a DVD in the player and get a good overall body workout.  There is no one to see you sweat it out, you have no monthly expense, there is no need for fancy gym gear and fancy gym outfits and you can work out at times that are most convenient to you.  Now you probably know that there are a lot of fitness guru’s out there these days.  Fitness influencers like Kayla Itsines, Jennifer Selter and Emily Skye are just a few of the many fitness influencers that earn big on social media by providing their audience with great advice.  There are also a lot of fitness videos out there by experts like Jillian Michaels and more but that doesn’t mean that you cannot also start your own fitness line.  If you can give good advice then people will listen, if you can create a great workout video then people will watch it…perhaps even buy it.  The fitness world is a terrific resource to earn a great and steady income.

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Learn videography

Videographers are expensive which means it might be wise for you to start learning to do your own editing.  With modern technology it is not as hard as it sounds and you will be able to create much more fitness videos much more affordably.

Know your stuff

You cannot expect to walk off the streets, post a video of a few pushups and earn a lot of cash.  You need to really know what you are talking about to make a success of this type of business.  A professional qualification in health and fitness will make you seem much more credible and good experience in fitness training is also vital before you can start preaching to others.

Get the right gear

You don’t need a large fan base to start creating your first fitness videos.  A short but sweet fitness video can be great to boost your online popularity, especially if your audience can get the video for free.  The only downside is that getting the right gear won’t come cheap and you do need to look fantastic on your fitness videos which mean that you do need the fancy gadgets and gear.

Camcorder – The Sony HXR-NX70U is a terrific camcorder to consider for fitness videos.  The camcorder comes with rechargeable batteries, you can add digital memory cards, wide angle, telephoto and close up lenses for all of your different shots, camera case, tripod and much more.

Digital mixer – Video editing isn’t easy but it I a lot simpler with a digital mixer.  These mixers will help you edit the workout videos, add sound effects and much more and is a must for high quality videos.

Time to start shooting

When you have your gear and a cameraman it will be time to start creating your own fitness videos.  It might be a while before you have got the editing software down and creating a good and effective workout routine won’t be easy but at least the entire learning process will be incredibly interesting.

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