The city council of a place is very important as it is responsible for the wellbeing of the residents of that place. Having the right leaders has a big influence on the state of the city and that is why organizations such as Philadelphia 3.0 exist to make sure that the right leaders are elected for the wellbeing of the city. The right leaders will make sure that the resources of the residents are well taken care of and it does not end up in personal pockets. Some of the benefits of having the right city council include:

Importance of City Council to Your Health

Environmental health

Environmental health is very important as it will affect our personal health as individuals. The right council will make sure there are right garbage collection systems and the environment is always clean. They will make sure there are right disposal of garbage to prevent environmental pollution which has a big influence on our wellbeing. The right council will make sure that there is proper drainage in the city to prevent problems such as sewage outbursts which is a health hazard. With the right council pollution will decrease which will help to prevent further depletion of the ozone layer and climate change problems which affect us in a way of the other. If the ozone layer is depleted we are more exposed to rays that cause cancer and many other deadly diseases. That is why the right council is good for your health.

Proper management of resources

The right management will make sure that there is proper management of resources which may help in making sure that there is proper quality of life and the living standards of people improve. With proper allocation of resources there will be improvement of infrastructure and social amenities which will improve the living standards. With enough social amenities the society can be healthy since they are able to access what they want with ease.

Public health

A good council will make sure that the public health standards are well adhered to which will affect the health of the people in that city generally. It will make sure that regular inspections have been done to make sure that hospitals and other social amenities are able to meet the standards. This will makes sure that people can have access to quality services and hence can be healthier in general.


Clearly the city council has many effects on one’s health than may be thought. We should therefore focus on choosing the right leaders so that we have a better city and the better standards. As much as there is greed for power and sometimes the leaders may turn out to be not who we thought, we can always strive to get the best. The council members are the ones that have power to have the right leaders. Bad leaders can always be elected out and replaced. Members of the council should also advocate for just and fair elections to get the right leaders.

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