Smoothies are jam-packed with delicious goodness and numerous health benefits. A lot of models and celebrities swear by them, and lately, everyone has been catching up on the smoothie trend. It’s not just because they’re so aesthetically pleasing for the eyes, but also because they are full of nutrients and minerals if made with the right kind of ingredients. The best thing about smoothies is that they can be made out of anything and everything. You can put together the wackiest of ingredients and still turn out with delicious results.

Check out some delicious yet healthy smoothie recipes below that you can whip up in a matter of minutes.

The Top 2 Healthy Yet Delicious Smoothies You Can Make At Home

The Top 2 Healthy Yet Delicious Smoothies You Can Make At Home

Apple Cinnamon Peanut Butter Smoothie


  • 1/4 cup (25 g) uncooked whole oats
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons (7 g) dried chia seeds
  • 1 cup (8 oz) skim milk
  • 1/4 cup (2 oz) low-fat Greek yogurt
  • 3/4 cup (6 oz) applesauce
  • 2 tablespoons (30 g) peanut butter or PB2
  • 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 g) cinnamon
  • 1-2 teaspoons honey (7 g) (or sweetener)


  • Put the chia seeds and whole oats in a blender. Keep grating them up until to the point that you get a flour-like consistency and texture. When it feels like it’s come to texture resembling to that of powder form, turn off the blender.
  • Add milk and blender to the mix. Again, blend it up. It’s very important to have the right mixer if you want a real smoothie. Fortunately, 99mixers solves that problem for you by listing down the best mixers available for you along with prices, features and reviews from first-hand users.
  • The next step is to add the applesauce, peanut butter and cinnamon. Again, turn on the blender and keep it on up until to the point that you get a smoothie-like consistency. If the mixture seems way too thick, you can add some liquid to it.
  • Taste it! If it seems like it could use some more sweetening, add some honey to it. Otherwise, pour it into a glass and chug down the delicious and healthy goodness it has to offer!

Raspberry Banana Coconut


  • 1 cup (8 oz) ice
  • 1/2 cup (4 oz) frozen raspberries
  • 1/2 cup (4 oz) plain low-fat yogurt
  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 cup (50 g) old-fashioned rolled oats
  • 1 tablespoon (15 g) honey (or sweetener)
  • 1 cup (8 oz) coconut water


First of all, add ice and raspberries to the blender. Turn on the blender for 20 seconds as this will help speed up the process. You don’t need to blend it completely. All you need to do is break it down so that you don’t end up with ice cubes in your smoothie.

Add in banana, yogurt, oats and coconut water. It’s important to cut the banana up before adding it to the blender as it makes it easier for it to blend. Keep the blender on until you reach the desired thickness and consistency for your smoothie.

Pour it into a glass and enjoy giving your taste buds the pleasure of tasting such a yummy smoothie!

Getting healthy does to have to be necessarily boring, there are many fun activities that we can do to make sure that we stay healthy. One of those activities is fly fishing. Fly fishing is a great way of burning calories cutting that extra weight. Not only is it a great way of burning calories but it has a big influence on our wellbeing. Through fishing, a feel good hormone oxytocin is released which helps in making sure that stress is at bay and that in turn helps in optimum functioning of the body. It is a great exercise for people of all ages.

Doing Fly Fishing

Doing Fly Fishing

If you have not done fly fishing before, it may seem very complicated which in real sense it is not. Some of the things that you can do to get started with fly fishing include:

Take a class

There are many places from which one can do fly fishing classes. The most common and convenient is from the fly shop near you. Most fly shops normally offer classes as a complementary and you can take advantage of that. Other place you can get the classes is from YouTube and plenty of blogs that deal with fly fishing. From a class, you will get all the necessary skills that you will need to get started with fly fishing.

Decide on the fly fishing style

There are many fly fishing styles that you can do and it is important to get to know about them and decide on the style that you want. That has an influence on many things such as the type of gear that you will use and the kind of technique that will be appropriate. For example you can decide to do fresh water fishing of salty water fishing, you can decide to do small fish fishing or big fish fishing, river bank fishing or deep sea fishing, and there are many dynamics that you can use when it comes to deciding the fly fishing style.

Rod and reel setup

Rod and reel setup are very important when it comes to fly fishing as they are what is used in fishing and is what will determine the success rate of fishing. The rod and reel setup however mainly depends on the fly fishing style that you plan to do. Good thing is that the rod and reel can always be adjusted according to the setup.

Learn casting

When it comes to fishing, the casting skills are very important as it determines whether you will have a catch or not. That therefore means that you are obliged to learn casting if you are serious about fly fishing. Casting can best be learnt from an experienced person or from a video since you have to see in order to learn and get the technique.

Get the right clothing

When you are going fly fishing, you would want to get yourself comfortable clothing that will allow you to breath and at the same time it should be able to blend well with the environment. Earthy and natural tones are more recommended.

With fly fishing, you can also do it through a company such as fly fishing playa Del Carmen. That will make sure you have all you need in terms of the gear as well as assistance and support.

There are a lot of people who have managed to stay beside the sea for vacations and even to live there for good. If you have tried living near the sea, you also know how great it can be. It can help you feel more relaxed than usual and this will be good for your health.

There is just something about being under the sun for a certain period of time, the sand between your toes and the waves that will just make your heart seem full with gladness. Being near the sea can make a lot of difference with your overall well-being. You should try it out from time to time.

There are some people who decide to explore more than the beachside of the ocean. They decide to discover the underwater world more. You can discover scuba Cozumel Palace so you can start seeing the word from underneath. People who see it for the first time are usually moved by the beauty of what they see. You can experience this too when you are in the area and you will not have any regrets.

Reasons to be Near the Sea

Reasons to be Near the Sea

If you have not found enough reasons yet to start going on vacation near the sea from time to time, these are just a few things to think about:

  • Being near the sea will allow you to forget about all of the things that stress you out. You will forget about your disappointments and your current issues because of the beauty that you are exposed to. You will feel comforted when you are near the sea. Remember that stress is one of the major problems that the society faces as a whole. You can forget about those troubles and just enjoy for a short while.
  • You can cleanse your body from certain toxins that may be problematic for your health. When you take in salty air, this will be enough to breathe in pure air. This is not something that is available in the city right now that is full of pollution. Swimming in salt water can help get rid of dead skin cells. This explains why your skin usually feels smooth and soft after you swim in the ocean. Walking on the beach will work as a natural scrub for the soles of your feet. There are so many things that the sea can provide for us.
  • You can meditate near the ocean and expect that it will be effective. Do you want to try an easy meditation? You can make the waves your inspiration. Imagine that all of your negativity is being sucked out from you and is being replaced with positivity. It will make you feel better in the long run.
  • You can sleep better at night. When was the last time that you have gotten more than 8 hours of sleep? A lot of people only get about 4 hours of sleep every night and this can be bad for them. The waves can be like a lullaby that can improve the way that you sleep.

These reasons may be enough to convince you to start being near the ocean right now.

Lego blocks are probably the best-known toy in the world – if you can even call these blocks toys.  Lego has been enjoyed by children and adults since 1934 and is still one of the most popular toys on the shelves of toy stores.  These toys are often also seen as collectibles and plenty of adults have extraordinary collections that required significant investment and time to accomplish.  Children today can choose from a much wider range of Lego blocks, sets, and collections than ever before.  The diversity of these blocks is exactly what makes them so popular. You can construct virtually anything from these blocks if you only have enough of them. You can check out LEGO ways to learn more about these infamous blocks and to see all the latest Lego news.

The Amazing Benefits Kids Enjoy When They Play With Lego

The Amazing Benefits Kids Enjoy When They Play With Lego

But these amazing blocks are used for much more than just fun.  Lego blocks are educational and provide children and adults with plenty of great benefits like the following.

Promotes fine motor skills

The pressure, concentration, focus and hand and eye coordination it takes to build Lego blocks are wonderful for developing the muscles in small hands and fingers.  Lego is amazing for developing fine motor skills in children.

Boosts creativity

Children can create basically anything with Lego blocks.  This ability to create unique objects also boosts a child’s imagination.  They can play, have fun and invent new construction items and be as creative as they want with their blocks.

Improves communication skills

Building Lego relieves children from stress and enhances meaningful engagement with other children, during pretend play and with parents.  Verbal communication is greatly improved through play.

Reduces stress

Children with good fine motor skills can use Lego blocks to reduce the effects of stress.  Building these blocks gives them something else to focus on and helps them calm down.  Those that don’t have good fine motor skills yet will get enraged on the other hand.

Great for shaping future engineers

Lego is all about strategizing and planning.  This improves your child’s ability to figure things out on their own and to plan ahead.  Boosting these planning and lateral skills is great for improving your child.

Improves patience

These fun blocks also enhance patience in kids.  They can sit quietly and figure something out without feeling stressed or enraged and they learn to be patient while the construction work is ongoing.

Improves focus and concentration

Children also learn to settle down, quiet down and to focus on the task at hand.  Concentration is greatly improved an improves your child’s ability to perform in a school environment.

Lego can boost self-esteem

Playing Lego blocks with other kids is great for improving your social skills.  Kids are constantly engaged in building and they are constantly interacting with one another while they are playing.

Legos are safe

The heads of Lego men are designed with a hole in them so children can still breathe if they accidentally swallow the lego.

Lego building is great fun and incredibly beneficial to your mental health.  Instead of the usual junk toys, you can definitely make the switch to Lego and allow kids to learn a lot more.

People have always been looking for ways to improve the human body or to overcome medical conditions and to replace organisms and limbs that somehow had to be removed from the body.  There are just too many people out there that suffer on a daily basis because of their medical condition or disability.  At the moment, most medical institutions rely on organ replacements and prosthetics to help out those that no longer have full functionality of their body.  But pretty soon we could be looking into medical treatments of a very different kind.  Transhumanism basically involves replacing body parts with technological devices such as robotics or for using these devices to improve the functionality of our bodies.  Transhumanism is still greatly underdeveloped but these artificial devices are already being used to improve the lives of people. Here are just a few different types of Transhumanism tech that is in use right now.

Transhumanism Tech That Will Be Improving the Lives of People In The Near Future

Transhumanism Tech That Will Be Improving the Lives of People In The Near Future

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is already a possibility and VR headsets are available in online stores across the globe.  These headsets enable you to experience a digital world as if you are there, inside the digital world.  Right now, virtual reality is mostly used for entertainment purposes but pretty soon this type of tech could be used for educational and training purposes as well and there might just be a link to cure blindness in this technology.

Gene therapy

RNA interference is used to select and knock out certain genes in your system and replaces bad genes with good ones.  Scientists have come so far with this technology; they are actually able to make mice stay slim no matter how much they eat.  This technology isn’t helping people at the moment but pretty soon gene therapy could be used to help those with gene mutations or bad genes that result in terrible health and medical conditions.


Cybernetics is already helping thousands of people in the world.  A cochlear implant is enabling many deaf people to hear and pretty soon cyborg upgrades might just enhance vision and metabolism as well.  Cybernetics might also be used to create artificial bones, muscles, and even artificial organs.

Mind Uploading

We all have seen those movies like The Matrics where information is directly uploaded into characters minds without them opening a book. This type of transhumanism might just be a possibility in the near future.  Mind uploading involves implementing cognitive processing in our minds in different ways.  This type of technology is already greatly developed but our world is simply not ready for this type of tech because people just aren’t ready to believe that information can be directly implanted into their minds.

Brain prostheses

The world’s first brain prosthesis is going to be tested in California pretty soon.  Basically, this implant will replace a part of the brain that has been damaged or can stimulate brain activity in certain areas.  This technology can help reduce the effects of brain damage or even cure brain damage entirely in the near future.

Transhumanism is fascinating and definitely worth keeping your eye on.  If you want to know more about these phenomenal medical advancements then you can definitely start following the website Human Paragon.  This site will keep you updated on all the latest findings and research so you can be ready to accept modern tech and improve your health for a longer and happier life.

A treadmill is a great way for you to achieve your health goals. It is important for one to get the right machine so that you may be able to easily achieve your health goals. The wrong machine will hinder you more than help you and can serve as a great DE motivator making it hard to achieve your goals. Due to the great benefits of treadmills, most of them are not very cheap hence you need to make sure that you make the right investment choice. The machine should be able to complement and enhance your workout routine. It should be able to be in sync with your training style and be able to fit your room. There are several factors to keep in mind when looking for a treadmill, they include:

Choosing The Best Treadmill for Your Health

Choosing The Best Treadmill for Your Health

Running surface size

Treadmill comes in different sizes to suit different needs. The size of the treadmill should be able to suit the purpose of the treadmill. The belt will come in different sizes of width or length. In terms of width, you should only go for a narrow belt if you are conversant with it. This is due to the fact that belts with narrow surfaces will give you less room for missteps or swerving. Wide belts are best suitable for beginners and those who have balance issues since they are more comfortable. General, most belts have a width of about 20”. When it comes to the length, there is no right or wrong length, it basically depends on the kind of workout that you intend to do. For walking, a length of 50” is recommended, and when it comes to running a length of 55” is recommended. When it comes to the size of the treadmill however, the height of the user is very important hence you need to keep that in mind.


When it comes to treadmills, the ability to change the speed and incline is very important. Different treadmills will have different adjustability features which may be in form of buttons or dials, intervals of increments and may either be manual or digital. This is important to make sure that your workouts don’t fall flat. The incline is also an important feature that should be adjustable. It is the incline that changes the intensity of a workout hence can help you achieve your goals depending on the kind of exercise that you embark on doing. More incline basically means more pressure applied to your body to achieve a certain effect. Inclines can either be manual or motorized and motorized is normally better not to inconvenience your workout sessions. Most of the time, treadmills will come with a 10-15% incline.


The portability of a treadmill is an important consideration to make even though it may just be for home use. It will create more convenience if it is foldable and portable especially if you are in a small house or where kids are involved since you don’t want it to be on display all the times.

For more information on treadmills and making the right purchase, visit

Many women look forward to their journey into motherhood and the joys being a parent will bring.  No matter how much friends and family members tell them it’s been scientifically proven that single, childless people are happier, when a woman decides she want to be a mother, she won’t be satisfied until there’s a little one in her arms.   Once that baby arrives, however, she will be confronted and in many cases confounded by what she should do to keep her baby healthy and happy.   Mothers-to-be are usually voracious readers, and by the time the baby arrives, they have lined the pantry shelves with the most nutritious products they can find.  They’ve read the latest information on feeding styles, sleep patterns, talked to mothers and others about the benefits of breastfeeding versus bottles, and have resigned themselves to getting very little sleep for the next few months.  Still, they are not prepared for the damage done to their baby’s tender skin from a milk sensitivity issue.  

One mother remembers receiving a frantic call from her babysitter shortly after weening her baby off her breast and starting him on a popular formula, so she could return to work.  The baby had red whelps across its face and chest.  It couldn’t keep the formula down and was bloated from constipation.  Fortunately, one call to the pediatrician solved it all.   She correctly diagnosed the problem as milk sensitivity and put the baby on Similac.   It can be quite alarming to see your baby’s tender skin break out into hives, or large patches of eczema.  But it’s a common problem that Similac has provided a solution to or over 90 years.  

Life after mother’s milk can be tough for a baby who is allergic to dairy.  But the problem is usually solved in a matter of days once the proper formula is introduced to the infant.  And for most babies, the best choice can be found among the products in the Similac line of infant milk and nutritional products.  If cost is a factor, by teaming up with the mega-site Groupon, they have made a Similac coupon available on Groupon Coupons so you can purchase it at a discount.   You can use a code to save 10% off repeat purchases and save even more when you enroll in their other great offers.

Nowadays, timber frame houses are gaining immense popularity due to the range of architectural designs and the health benefits these houses offer. The timber frame homes are somewhat similar to a beam log and post house. The frame is a combination of vertical and horizontal timber beams. Since timber has a very good appearance and adds to the aesthetics of the house, the bare timber is usually seen in the house to give it an edgy interior.

Houses that are made of timber have a good symmetry and strength. They also allow the architect to play with complex designs due to the structural security and stability the timber frame provides. The timber frame homes are also less expensive as compared to other wood frame houses as the volume of wood used is less. A basic timber frame package from the Artisan log and timber homes include the structure of your house, roof panels, stairs and railing and all other required hardware. They take care of all the things for you by providing the assembly of the structure as well.

Health Benefits of Timber Frame Homes

Health Benefits of Timber Frame Homes

Health benefits proposed by timber frame houses are:


Living in a house made of timber gives you a very close to nature feeling. It has a number of psychological benefits. Timber is known to be providing a stress-reducing atmosphere.

It has been seen that workers who work with timber and individuals who live in timber frame houses live a stress-free and lively house, mainly because it is natural and gives you a close to the natural feeling.

Like synthetic materials, there is no outgassing, which can cause certain intoxication in adults and babies.

Absorption of CO2:

Wood primarily and timber specifically has an ability to store carbon dioxide. Thus, living in a house made of timber frame means living in a carbon dioxide-free atmosphere. With the increased amount of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere, carbon dioxide poisoning is not uncommon. Living in timber frame houses you are free from this risk. It absorbs the carbon dioxide and prevents you from inhaling it. This is also one of the reasons that folks living near timber wood or in timber houses are psychologically and physically healthy.

Climate changes:

Wood is the only building material that can tackle every kind of climate change. It not only removes carbon from inside the house but also outside the house. It maintains the house temperature and provides the ideal living conditions.

Apart from health benefits timber has certain other benefits as well. It is not only affordable but also helps you in designing your house in a better way. Assembling of a timber frame home takes only a week or two as compared to other construction options which might take up to 6 months.

Timber frame houses provide a flexible structure that can bear weights and it can also change according to the floor plan. Timber frame homes adopt the open concept which is growing famous day by day. It gives the house an expensive traditional look and gives your house the required strength.

Just as the coin embraces two sides, timber frame house also has a few disadvantages; although these disadvantages are not non-repairable, they require a few treatments. For instance, timber is prone to pests; it can be a problem for you so you can get an anti-pest treatment for your house. The Artisan log and timber homes provide and pre pest treated structure so you don’t have to face any inconveniences in the future.

You may wonder how life in a condo can be a healthier life choice when you don’t have a large home with plenty of room and no yard.  But modern condo living is surprisingly healthy.  In fact, many condo residents enjoy a much healthier and more active lifestyle than those living in family homes.  Here are x surprising reasons why living in an E2 Condos life results in healthier living;

5 Reasons Why the Condo Life Is Healthier

5 Reasons Why the Condo Life Is Healthier

Free access to various facilities

One of the biggest reasons why many believe that living in a condo is much healthier than life in an average home is because you have free access to so much more.  Plenty of high rise condo buildings included space for various amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, spa’s, hot tubs, steam rooms and more and just about every high rise condo has outdoor facilities like barbecue areas, children’s play areas and much more.  Condo communities that do charge for these facilities usually charge residents very little.   With affordable, easy and close by access to lots of activities you can bet that families will be much healthier.

Promotes healthy social skills

There is only one way to improve social skills and that is by frequently socializing.  Life in a condo is amazing for improving your social skills simply because there are so many people with which you can have a chat.  Homes are clustered together closely which also makes it incredibly simple to go and visit other people in the building.  Social facilities like barbecue areas, swimming pools, and playgrounds also make it much easier for people to socialize, interact, help one another and grow together.

Condo owners walk more

High rise condos are usually centrally located which means residents don’t need a vehicle.  They can walk to the grocery store, pharmacies, medical facilities and even to work because everything is close by.  These strolls are fantastic for improving resident’s health in general and help them manage their weight so much better.

Earn a higher average income

More money means access to better medical facilities and treatments, medical equipment, more frequent holidays and more money available for extra activities such as dancing lessons, sports, gyms and much more. And why do condo owners earn a higher average income?  Well, it is all about the location.  Centrally located businesses pay much higher and those working in these areas thus also earn a much higher average income.

Reduced stress levels

The condo life is greatly simplified.  There is no need for you to worry about gardening chores, home maintenance or security.  The apartments are all luxurious and stylish which means no need for home improvements.  Condos are also a lot more affordable than the average home. You can utilize your money so much better, pay off debt a lot quicker and enjoy a lifestyle that is worry free.

If you consider all these reasons it is quite easy to see why life in a condo is so much healthier compared to other residential options.  If you are choosing a home for health then you can definitely consider a condo.

A lot of people think that they only have to wear sunglasses because it looks cool but sunglasses can always offer more things than that.

People may normally place sunblock all over their skin so that they can protect themselves from the harmful rays of the sun but people forget about protecting their eyes. Have you ever tried walking on the beach with your skin full of sunscreen but without any shades or even a hat to protect your eyes? You are causing major damage to your eyes this way.

The Health Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses

The Health Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses

It is best that you pick the right sunglasses that you will use depending on your face shape and of course, the protection that the sunglasses can provide. You may want to check the collection of sunglasses at this website just to be sure about what you are going to get. This simple accessory will not only improve your overall look, it will also help protect you from the following:

  1. You will have a lesser chance of acquiring skin cancer – Do you know that about 10% of skin cancers start on the eyelids? This is because this is the part of the body that is not normally protected. You cannot put sunscreen on it because it will hurt your eyes.
  2. You can prevent your eyes from drying out – There are a lot of people who suffer from dry-eye syndrome because of various factors. You may feel that your eyes are dry when the climate is a bit dry. It is best that you search for a wrap-around style if you want to protect your eyes further.
  3. You can reduce the glare from the sun – There are a lot of people who get into accidents while driving because of the glare from the sun. You can effectively reduce the sun’s glare if you would wear the right sunglasses. Some people prefer polarized sunglasses over the others but you can choose any as long as it comes with UV protection.
  4. You do not have to squint that much – Squinting may help you see better but this can be bad for your eyes. You will develop more eye lines on the corner of your eyes. You will look older than your actual age because of squinting too much. Avoid squinting by wearing the right sunglasses that can protect your eyes effectively.
  5. You need to wear sunglasses so that you can protect your eyes from debris. There are various debris that you will encounter even when you are just hiking or just camping. There are people who wear protective glasses whenever they work so it does not mean that you cannot wear sunglasses when you are just doing your daily activities. There are different physical damages to the eye that will never heal.

One of the best things about wearing sunglasses is how it can make you feel good. When you wear sunglasses, you will feel that you are not exposing yourself too much to the world. At the same time, the right sunglasses can make you look cool and sophisticated. What are you waiting for? Look for the right sunglasses now.