Golfing is supposed to be fun and healthy.  The major idea is to get out of the house, move around a lot, enjoy a game and have fun with friends all so you can stay healthy.  But modern golfing is far from healthy.  The trendy way of golfing involves hiring a golf cart with a cooler filled with all types of snacks and sugary drinks.  If you are accustomed to this lazy way of golfing then your golfing sessions could easily result in weight gain instead of weight loss.  Stick to these five tips the next time you enjoy a game and you might just be surprised about the slimmer and healthier you every time you take on the green.

5 Tips to Help You Lose Weight While Playing Golf

  1. Don’t Take The Golf Cart

Yes, skipping out on the golf cart is at the top of the list because walking is terrific for burning calories and for improving your general fitness level. If you are serious about losing weight then you seriously need to eliminate a golf cart from your game.

  1. Don’t Use A Caddy

It is quite frustrating to drag a heavy bag of golf clubs up and down the hill but well worth your effort because you will burn much more calories and you will build much stronger muscles since your arms and legs are constantly working.  Dragging around your own bag is also terrific for toning your body so you can look fabulous in that golfing outfit.

  1. Enjoy Plenty Of Swing Practice

Swing practice is great for improving your game, it is a terrific cardio workout and you build stronger arm and back muscles.  On Top Down Golf you can check out the best golf balls for extra swing practice or you can enquire at your local golf club about swing practice balls since many of these clubs are willing to provide you with a whole bucket of balls that you can use just for practicing your swing.

  1. Drink A Lot Of Water

It is incredibly important to drink plenty of water on a daily basis and even more important if you are spending a lot of time in the sun.  When you drink plenty of water you remain hydrated which improves your general health and you also wash a lot of toxins from your body while you are sweating it out on the golf course.

  1. Golf Frequently

Any weight loss program requires consistency.  You need to consistently run, jog, walk, move, body build or gym to get good results and the same goes for golf.  It doesn’t help much if you are only golfing once every blue moon.  Try to fit in as many golfing sessions as you possibly can even if that means enjoying a game of golf each and every weekend.

  1. Snack On Healthy Foods

This is probably the most important tip for losing weight through golfing.  Stock your snack pack with healthy alternatives like dried fruits, nuts, a salad and more so you can lose as much weight as possible during each and every game.

Snorkeling is a standout amongst the best time passes to see the magnificence of the marine world without leaving the surface of the water. Not only is it an amusing activity but also helps you stay fit and healthy. Here are a few ways how snorkeling helps you stay healthy and fit!

Why Snorkeling Is Good For Your Health

Enhances breathing: Snorkeling expands your maximal oxygen intake, a great indicator of high-impact wellness. Breathing through a tube includes some resistance and requires more noteworthy effort than free breathing. Snorkelers manage in and out breaths equitably through the mouth, adequately engaging in a proper breathing exercise.

General health: Snorkeling is a recreational hobby that can inspire, tone and trim you. It works out quads, hamstrings, calves, lower legs, hip bones, center and shoulders. Snorkeling itself enhances endurance and strength, lessens stress and burns around 300 calories 60 minutes.

Cardiovascular health: Snorkeling is likewise useful for your heart, as it expands the heart rate and strengthens the heart muscle. Enhanced cardiovascular wellness helps diminish the danger of certain medical issues, for example, coronary illness, heart attack, elevated cholesterol and hypertension. Snorkeling additionally encourages your body to increase the lung capacity when you are compelled to hold your breath for longer periods of time underwater.

Mental health: Exercise, including snorkeling, can help alleviate stress and uneasiness, as per various researches. The controlled mouth breathing expected of snorkelers is similar to a large portion of the breathing exercises that help to relax and calm the body. Snorkeling frequently may enable you to feel more quiet and calm through simple relaxation.

Overcoming risk factors: Snorkeling is awesome for overcoming your fears, especially the fear of diving. Since you don’t need to dive deep and you can stand up whenever you feel like it, it is an awesome prologue to what wearing a mask and breathing through your nose feels like. In the event that you feel claustrophobic, simply come out!

Better mind-set: Like all cardiovascular exercise, snorkeling has been appeared to discharge endorphins that improves your mood. Snorkelers must practice controlled breathing in a cadence like that utilized as a part of many types of meditation, which can calm the body and help relax each and every part of your body including your mind.

Not extreme on your body: The lightness of water helps ease joint pain and firmness, encouraging exercises to enhance adaptability and continuance. Numerous health experts and specialists prescribe swimming for individuals with rheumatoid joint inflammation and enclosing sponditis, conditions that reason aggravation, restricted versatility and shoulder and neck issues. Utilizing a snorkel and mask enables joint inflammation sufferers to restrain agonizing neck developments so they can adhere to an activity schedule.

Connects you with nature: Snorkeling enables you to experience the most beautiful animals on earth. Watching their natural environment and watching their conduct can be exceptionally useful for patients who experience the ill effects of anxiety disorders and ADHD.

So what are you waiting for? You can also reap all these benefits and many more through snorkeling. Head over to Snorkel Gear Shop, purchase all the snorkeling gear you need and head towards the water to relax and enjoy!

Balance boards are the perfect way to work out while having fun, and it can be done in the comfort of your home. We are going to look at some of the exercises that beginners can participate in. there are many more exercises depending on your preference, but we will be focusing on the easiest ones for beginners. Balance boards are meant to improve three things in our bodies, balance, equilibrium, and stability. They are a great way to improve your proprioception. Check out the exercises below:

Balance Board Exercises for Beginners


Balancing is an exercise itself, and the moment that you’re comfortable balancing on the board, you can try and push the balance board from side to side without letting the edges touch the ground. As you improve, you can move faster and increase the duration.

Knee Pushups

Knee pushups are yet another way that beginners can start exercising. They can touch the sides of their knees as they do the squats, keeping their backs upright.


Doing squats while balancing on the balance board is something that you might find a challenge at first, but once you master it, you won’t be able to get enough of it.

Forward / Backward Tilt

With this, you tilt the board to the front until the edge touches the floor. You then lean forward and tilt the board backwards until it touches the floor. Do this for 2 reps, 60 seconds each.

Side Tilt

Like the name suggests, this time you’ll move from side to side in a controlled motion, shifting the weight from one leg to the other for 2 reps, 60 seconds each.

Two Leg Tilts (Around The World)

This is a combination of the other exercises, moving the board around in a circular motion, 60 seconds going one direction, and 60 seconds going in the opposite direction.

Catch The Ball

Balancing on the board and catching a ball as it is tossed to you.

Squat Push

These are squats while holding dumbbells.

The Types of Balance Boards

There are many types of balance boards, and below we have mentioned them. They can be purchased and also made at home if you have the resources.

Rocker Board

This is the easiest one to use amongst all the balance boards, and it is simply a flat board with a fulcrum on the bottom side. The fulcrums can either be perpendicular to the length of the board, or two rockers parallel to each other.

Rocker / Roller Board

This is similar to a rocker board but it has a higher degree of instability added to it. The fulcrum is a cylinder that moves, causing the board to shift whenever the cylinder moves. They have barriers that prevent the cylinder from rolling out.

Wobble Board

This is a semi-sphere with a flat side attached to it. This board moves in all directions when one is exercising on it, and it is meant to work muscles.

Sphere and Ring Board

This is similar to the rocker board but instead of using a cylindrical rocker, it uses an inflatable ball. Guard rails keep it in place under the board, and it can move in any direction.

Spring Board

Springs compress when standing on the board, and the person on the board has to redistribute their weight across the board to get balance. It helps to improve balance, posture, and agility.

Underwater Board

These boards are for physical therapy and entertainment. They are used underwater for an incredibly low impact workout.

Why is it so important to develop your brain after you reach adulthood?  There isn’t really a way to improve your IQ score once you reach a certain age and there is so much to do in your life now.  Why should you still put aside some time for brain development?  The answer is simple; so you will remain sharp witted, interesting and intellectually active when you grow old.  Too many seniors fall into despair when they are no longer able to work or contribute to society.  The result is a depressing situation where you end up just being there…quiet…old…and basically in the way.  Someone that lived for so many long years shouldn’t end up like this.  You have many years of experience to offer those around you, you have wisdom and you have expertise those only years of struggles and life can bring.  Don’t fall into the trap of growing quiet when you grow old.  The only way to keep your will and love for life so everyone will appreciate your company even as you grow weak is to keep your mind healthy and sharp with these 6 habits.

6 Habits That Will Keep Your Mind Sharp As You Grow Older

  1. Get passionate about politics

This probably comes as a huge surprise to you since most people are told to avoid politics since it can result in stress and a high blood pressure level.  But politics is excellent for intellectual health!  When you know what is happening in your world, around you and in your country you always have something to say to anyone that crosses your path.  When you are passionate about politics you will never grow quiet because a politics lover always has something to say.  If you want to start learning about politics then you can check out Mark Dubowitz’s Facebook profile.  The news here will give you a good idea of everything that is happening behind the scenes and of all of the major political issues that is trending right now.

  1. Drink 2l of water – every day!

Water is excellent for a healthy mind because it reduces toxins in the body, helps you stay young and improves your body’s ability to heal. Drink up so you can stay young and focused.

  1. Exercise regularly

Working out is excellent for maintaining good overall health and is also terrific for your mind.  Cardio workouts boosts blood flow to your brain which results in a much higher oxygen level in your mind.  This is excellent for clear thinking.

  1. Socialize

It is important to stay active and social.  Don’t grow quiet, don’t hold back.  Put yourself out there and be curious about life and people.

  1. Slow down

Modern technology is starting to overpower us.  There is just too much info going around and it all is too confusing and too much for your mind to deal with.  Set some time aside for yourself to just be yourself with no technological distractions.

  1. Don’t stop working

The biggest mistake that you can make when you retire is to stop working.  Boredom is a killer.  Stay active, work at a church, for charity, help out friends and keep working so your mind will also stay active.

The city council of a place is very important as it is responsible for the wellbeing of the residents of that place. Having the right leaders has a big influence on the state of the city and that is why organizations such as Philadelphia 3.0 exist to make sure that the right leaders are elected for the wellbeing of the city. The right leaders will make sure that the resources of the residents are well taken care of and it does not end up in personal pockets. Some of the benefits of having the right city council include:

Importance of City Council to Your Health

Environmental health

Environmental health is very important as it will affect our personal health as individuals. The right council will make sure there are right garbage collection systems and the environment is always clean. They will make sure there are right disposal of garbage to prevent environmental pollution which has a big influence on our wellbeing. The right council will make sure that there is proper drainage in the city to prevent problems such as sewage outbursts which is a health hazard. With the right council pollution will decrease which will help to prevent further depletion of the ozone layer and climate change problems which affect us in a way of the other. If the ozone layer is depleted we are more exposed to rays that cause cancer and many other deadly diseases. That is why the right council is good for your health.

Proper management of resources

The right management will make sure that there is proper management of resources which may help in making sure that there is proper quality of life and the living standards of people improve. With proper allocation of resources there will be improvement of infrastructure and social amenities which will improve the living standards. With enough social amenities the society can be healthy since they are able to access what they want with ease.

Public health

A good council will make sure that the public health standards are well adhered to which will affect the health of the people in that city generally. It will make sure that regular inspections have been done to make sure that hospitals and other social amenities are able to meet the standards. This will makes sure that people can have access to quality services and hence can be healthier in general.


Clearly the city council has many effects on one’s health than may be thought. We should therefore focus on choosing the right leaders so that we have a better city and the better standards. As much as there is greed for power and sometimes the leaders may turn out to be not who we thought, we can always strive to get the best. The council members are the ones that have power to have the right leaders. Bad leaders can always be elected out and replaced. Members of the council should also advocate for just and fair elections to get the right leaders.

We all know that we need to be working to maintain optimum health. However, going to the gym doesn’t always seem as enticing as we need it to. And, we often grow weary of traditional sports. So, now it’s time to discover sports you’ve got to try.

Of course, you’re welcome to stick to the normal sporting agendas. Look into indoor basketball and the types of balls necessary for the greatest enjoyment. All you have to do is click here. We understand the desire to stick to the things you know and why it’s important to have the best gear. But, maybe you’re looking for something a little more over the top. Something new to get those activity desiring juices flowing. That’s why you’ll want to keep reading.

Sports You’ve Got to Try

5 Sports You’ve Never Heard of But Will Want to Try

It’s hard to imagine that there are a plethora of crazy sports out there. But, we’ve managed to locate 5 sports you’ve never heard of but will want to try. Trust us, these are a bit strange but that’s what makes them fun for a beginner and keeps them fun for the professionals. Here’s your 5:

  1. Sepak Takraw– If you can get past the name you should earn a point. However, in Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, and Malaysia, where it’s most popular, that won’t fly. Instead you’ll have to learn how to play volleyball with your lower appendages. Get the ball over the net with your feet, but do it in a way that the opposing team can’t send it back to you. Learn more.
  2. SlamBall- We know you love contact sports. Otherwise football wouldn’t be as popular as it is. However, this sport combines three different elements that include football, basketball, and even gymnastics. It can be violent though, so be prepared.
  3. Extreme Ironing– You thought it was extreme when your mom asked you to iron. Now they’ve made a sport of it. The game started in the 1990s and has even been featured by TIME magazine. That’s pretty extreme in itself. Essentially, participants are required to iron from various ‘extreme’ places. Watch this.
  4. Cyclocross- Lose the engines of motocross and you’ve got the cyclocross experience in a nutshell. It’s mud and manpower, but it’s looks like tons ‘o’ fun. You’ll be certain to have plenty of muddy wipe outs, but you’ll definitely be building muscle powering through the mud and racing the other contestants.
  5. Frisbee Golf– We’d be remiss if we didn’t introduce this unique pastime to you. Imagine the fun you had as a kid, or college student, playing frisbee. There was frisbee football and now there’s frisbee golf. Basically, think of golf but with specialized frisbees and in the place of holes, imagine chained baskets. And, to make it all the more exciting, you’ll find that most courses go through the woods to add the joy of natural obstacles. Happy aiming.

Hopefully you’ve found something on this list of sports that you’ve got to try. If you’re looking for more ideas though, we suggest you visit this site. Honestly, it doesn’t matter whether you stick to indoor basketball or seek out something you can’t pronounce. The thing that matters most is that you invest your energy in getting active so that you can stay healthy.

Is going on vacation just fun or does it truly affect your health?  Many believe that the health benefits of taking a vacation is often over exaggerated by touring companies, resorts and hotels in order to get more clients and they claim that the stress involved in traveling isn’t good for your health at all.  So is it truly healthy to go on a grand adventure or are you at your best at home, chilling in front of the TV set?  Well perhaps this article can shed some light on these questions.

The Top Health Benefits of Going on Vacation

Top 10 health benefits of going on vacation

Work is becoming a major obsession in our modern digital age.  The digital extravagance often means a much higher living cost and thus much longer hours on the job as you try to make up for these extra expenses.  So why should you take a break instead of taking on another job? Here are a few good reasons;

  • Holidays are terrific for your heart. You are constantly on the move which is good exercise for your heart.
  • Vacation means less time worrying about your finances and problems simply because you are focused on something else and you are removed from the situation.
  • Vacations promote healthy relationships because you enjoy adventures together and have much more to live for than just getting home to one another.
  • When you experience different scenarios your mind develops and you learn a lot which is terrific for personal growth.
  • One of the biggest benefits of vacation is that it can reduce depression. You are removed from a stressful scenario, you get to have plenty of fun and your new adventures help you put life back into perspective.
  • You become a lot happier when you explore a new world and have new adventures.
  • Vacations and taking a break is also terrific for increasing your general work productivity. There is nothing that helps charge your batteries faster than a good break.

Anyone logical can easily tell that these health benefits are not made up.  If you have spent a year working with hardly a break then you will know all too well about the stress of maintaining your day job and the strain it puts on your relationship and family life.  Going on vacation definitely greatly outshines the stress of spending a bit too much on your trip.

Consider becoming a member of the Occidental Vacation Club

The Occidental Vacation Club is a terrific holiday club that you can use to enjoy high quality vacations that includes all of your accommodations, meals and excursions at a reasonable price.  You can enjoy a great variety of holiday destinations, hotels and resorts twice a year at a reasonable monthly fee when you sign up with this club.  The club is a fantastic solution to vacationers that always find it hard to master up enough cash at once for a holiday and is a terrific solution for those that love to explore different destinations like Aruba, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Colombia, Europe, St. Marteen or the United States.

Fitness videos are absolutely fantastic for busy people that don’t have time to hit the gym.  You can come home, put on your oldest and most comfy of tracksuits, pop a DVD in the player and get a good overall body workout.  There is no one to see you sweat it out, you have no monthly expense, there is no need for fancy gym gear and fancy gym outfits and you can work out at times that are most convenient to you.  Now you probably know that there are a lot of fitness guru’s out there these days.  Fitness influencers like Kayla Itsines, Jennifer Selter and Emily Skye are just a few of the many fitness influencers that earn big on social media by providing their audience with great advice.  There are also a lot of fitness videos out there by experts like Jillian Michaels and more but that doesn’t mean that you cannot also start your own fitness line.  If you can give good advice then people will listen, if you can create a great workout video then people will watch it…perhaps even buy it.  The fitness world is a terrific resource to earn a great and steady income.

body workout

Learn videography

Videographers are expensive which means it might be wise for you to start learning to do your own editing.  With modern technology it is not as hard as it sounds and you will be able to create much more fitness videos much more affordably.

Know your stuff

You cannot expect to walk off the streets, post a video of a few pushups and earn a lot of cash.  You need to really know what you are talking about to make a success of this type of business.  A professional qualification in health and fitness will make you seem much more credible and good experience in fitness training is also vital before you can start preaching to others.

Get the right gear

You don’t need a large fan base to start creating your first fitness videos.  A short but sweet fitness video can be great to boost your online popularity, especially if your audience can get the video for free.  The only downside is that getting the right gear won’t come cheap and you do need to look fantastic on your fitness videos which mean that you do need the fancy gadgets and gear.

Camcorder – The Sony HXR-NX70U is a terrific camcorder to consider for fitness videos.  The camcorder comes with rechargeable batteries, you can add digital memory cards, wide angle, telephoto and close up lenses for all of your different shots, camera case, tripod and much more.

Digital mixer – Video editing isn’t easy but it I a lot simpler with a digital mixer.  These mixers will help you edit the workout videos, add sound effects and much more and is a must for high quality videos.

Time to start shooting

When you have your gear and a cameraman it will be time to start creating your own fitness videos.  It might be a while before you have got the editing software down and creating a good and effective workout routine won’t be easy but at least the entire learning process will be incredibly interesting.

Your feet are potentially one of the most important aspects of your body’s makeup. Keeping them in optimum functionality is key to enjoying your life fully. Therefore, be sure to take these best tips for keeping your feet healthy to heart.

If your foot pain is representative of a deeper issue attached to diabetic neuropathy you’ll be best served by visiting: Since this is a very serious condition, you’ll need their help more than the things we list here. Their treatment options have been “thoroughly tested and reviewed” and will benefit your feet immensely.

Best Tips for Keeping Your Feet Healthy

7 Tips for Healthy Feet

So long as you’re not dealing with a more serious condition, like diabetic neuropathy, keeping your feet healthy is pretty easy. Thankfully, these 7 tips for healthy feet will get you well on your way to walking in painless peace:

  1. Ensure that your feet are clean and dry. Good hygiene is the beginning of great foot health. Make sure to scrub and clean them whenever you bathe. Then don’t neglect to dry them thoroughly. Fungal issues are more readily plausible when your feet don’t remain dry.
  2. Keep an eye on your feet for potential problems. Try doing weekly self-exams. Be on the look-out for scaling and peeling areas. This might be an indicator of Athlete’s Foot. Watch for nail discoloration too as that might suggest a nail fungus. There are other issues that should get your attention as well: bunions, cracked heels, etc.
  3. Care for nails properly. Don’t attempt to hide your unsightly nails with polish. Nail fungus often shows up in your cracked and thick nails. And, be sure you’re cutting your nails the right way. Don’t round off the nails unless you’re hoping to experience the pain of ingrown toenails. Learn more.
  4. Make sure your feet are safe at all times. This is especially true in public places as many fungal infections occur amidst public gyms and showers. Wear shoes whenever you are going somewhere of that nature.
  5. Don’t share shoes. Though it might make sense to rent shoes at the bowling alley, it’s just an invitation for fungal invaders. Instead, invest in the money necessary to have your own set of shoes in every instance in which you might be tempted to rent some.
  6. Manage the sweat. There are about a quarter of a million sweat glands in one foot. So, with half a million sweat glands in your feet, managing the sweat production is essential. Synthetic fibers are the best for keeping sweat off your feet, so consider getting rid of your preferred all-cotton sock options. And, don’t wear tight pantyhose as they will trap that moisture where you don’t want it.
  7. Let them breathe. Leather footwear is best for allowing air to circulate. And, shoes that fit properly can make a huge difference to the well-being of your feet. Shoes that are too tight can cause some serious damage and prevent your feet from getting the type of air circulation they need. Get some other ideas here.

Remember, your feet are essential to your active lifestyle. You don’t want to do anything that will hinder their ability to support you in all your endeavors. To get some home remedies for healthy feet follow this link.

Getting into shape isn’t easy.  If staying fit and healthy was easy then there would be hardly any obese people at all, right?  Losing weight is one of the toughest things to do in your life simply because it isn’t an overnight endeavor.  Losing weight and staying healthy is a permanent challenge.  It is something you have to manage each and every day… for the rest of your life.  And that is exactly why a little bit of help here and there is a must, whether you are losing weight, bodybuilding or simply working out because you love being active.  Protein powder is one of the best supplements you can try for the best possible weight and health balance and is definitely one of the best supplements to help you manage your weight much better.

Why take protein powder

Your body use protein to fuel muscles, improve your immune system, to regulate body weight and to keep your metabolism in-tact.  While a healthy diet contains enough protein for average day to day tasks the proteins you consume from food often isn’t enough to fuel your body during stern workout sessions.  This is most likely why you are struggling to burn fat and build strong and gorgeous muscles.   Protein powder gives you much better workout results and can be used as a meal replacement to those that want to lose weight without taking away any of the proteins your body needs for strong muscles.

The Why, When and How on Protein Powder

Who should be using protein powder?

Protein powder can be used by bodybuilders to lose weight faster and to build bulking muscles a lot quicker and is often prescribed to seniors whose bodies no longer consume enough protein from food sources.  It is however important to always follow a good workout program while you are using protein powder so you don’t gain weight instead of losing it.

Where to shop protein powder

Protein powder can be quite expensive, especially if you are investing in a high quality and trusted brand like The Slender Blend.  On you can get good discounts on these protein products which will enable you to lose weight and body build much better.

When is the best time to take protein powder?

This question frequently results in debate with fitness fanatics. You can see plenty of men and women enjoying their protein shake as they work out but is this really the best time to take your shake?  Fitness experts believe that the earlier you take your shake the better because your body needs the protein before you start working out.  The best time to take your shake is to replace breakfast or as an early morning snack depending on when you usually work out.

How to take your protein powder

The best way to take your protein powder is in a smoothie or shakes.  Different body types have different protein requirements and it might be wise to consult with a fitness instructor about the recommended dosage because if you take too much for your workout and body type you could end up gaining weight instead of losing it.