Weddings have become completely over the top.  Sure, it is a once in a lifetime occasion but in the end you will only be spending thousands on one day to entertain a bunch of people who are going to have ten things to say about your wedding anyway.  And all that, while the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, probably would still be right there at your side even if the wedding was a bit more budget friendly. The loans that are taken out to cover the expenses of weddings put a lot of stress on newlyweds.  It is time to throw all the wedding exploits and expectations out the window for a healthier and stress free after wedding life.

Spend more on your holiday and less on your wedding

Holidays are actually good for you. A holiday puts your life back into perspective, gives you a break from work and travelling reduces a lot of stress.  You and your new spouse get to kick start your new life on a fresh and clean slate that does not involve any friends or family opinions and you get to know each other a bit before you head back to the normal career routines.  So cut on wedding expenses and travel abroad instead.

Plan a More Affordable Wedding to Improve Your Health

Get a wedding planner

It might come as a surprise but the help of a wedding planner can actually save you a lot of money because they have contacts with all the most affordable venues, caterers and wedding entertainment providers.  You can also provide your budget to the wedding planner beforehand and they can work out the best solution for you.

Affordable wedding attire

Wedding attire does not have to be as expensive.  You can always rent the suit and wedding dress of your dreams at a much lower rate or perhaps ask a seamstress in your family to make the clothing instead of hiring an expensive designer.  You can also find much more affordable bridesmaid dresses here.

DIY hair and makeup

Makeup is hard for most women but if you are one of the lucky ones who can actually do a good makeup job then why spend on an expensive makeup artist?  There are also tons of easy hair tutorials on YouTube that can help you create a salon hairstyle yourself.

DIY décor and favors

Making your own wedding décor is hard work but it is also incredibly fun and doable thanks to numerous recycling and paper craft decorative ideas that can look just as good as any decorations that you might find at wedding retailers.

Borrow it!

Your wedding is a one day occurrence so why are you buying stuff that you can’t use again? Ask all your friends to lend you their Christmas fairy lights for a whimsical wedding and borrow vases, mirrors and photo props from family so you can get the most beautiful wedding much more affordably.

Doing a lot of the wedding planning and décor yourself might be hard work and stress but it is still nothing compared to the stress you will be dealing with when you can’t afford a good honeymoon or have to spend the next two years paying off a wedding loan.

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