You probably know that your job can make you tired but did you know that your job can physically make you ill?  80% of people absolutely hate their jobs for reasons like a low salary, little or no credit for hard work, terrible physical work, tedious working hours, a nasty boss or manager or simply because their colleagues are jerks.  In your life you will spend about 35% of your waking hours on the job which is a lot considering just how short life is.  If you have been experiencing high levels of stress, depression, anxiety and hard work for this long then you can bet that you can obtain some serious health disadvantages due to all of the stress.  If you absolutely hate your job and if your health starts to suffer due to too much stress then it is probably a good idea to start looking for an alternative solution like an online business that you can start.

Sick And Tired Of Your Job? – Perhaps It Is Time to Start an Online Business

Check out Bengu for some advice

Bengu was created by Ahmad and Kimberly, two entrepreneurs that love to share their advice on online businesses and ways to get financial freedom much earlier in life.  If you want the best advice on starting your own business then you can definitely check out their website. They have a lot of great online business ideas and they frequently share great ideas and tips to help you make a huge success from your online company.

Top online businesses you can start

One of the craziest things about starting an online business is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make a success.  You can actually create an online business based on other people’s ideas and principles and you can be completely successful if your heart is in it.  Here are the top online businesses to consider if you want to start an own company;

Affiliate marketingAffiliate marketing involves referring people to a certain product and service.  You earn on commission or click basis and don’t have to deal with manufacturing or distributing.  It is all about marketing and referring and many affiliate marketers make a huge success out of this type of business.

Stock trading – There are plenty of stock trading tools available these days that makes it quite easy to do stock trading.  If you love economics and staying on top of the latest trends and economic situations then stock trading can be great for you.

Virtual assistance – Virtual assistants are people that do certain online services on behalf of others.  Your services can include designing, marketing, social media marketing and even admin if you can really grasp how a business works.

Online tutoring – An online teach site can be great for struggling students and you don’t have to be in office all of the time.  Simply create tutorials of all of the most common study problems that most students deal with and sell these online tutorials online.   You can focus on high school students, college students, university student or even create lessons that focus on a certain study field like photography.

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