Stress affects a lot more of your life and your personal health than you might think.  When you stress too much you cannot think clearly, you struggle to enjoy life and you struggle to shut down when it is time to rest.  Stress also affects your physical health.  You can start to gain or lose too much weight. Your hair can fall out, you can get terrible skin rashes and stress can even affect your heart.  It is important to seek professional help if your health starts to deteriorate due to stress.  You can also combat stress more naturally by adopting a healthy sport that will take your mind off all of the troubles in your life.  Here are the top sports women can try to de-stress.

Sports That Will Help De-Stress Busy Women


Archery is becoming increasingly popular amongst women.   You can find just about any archery gear for women including pink long bows, pink cross bows, pink arrows, and much more.  Archery is a terrific stress buster because you have to focus incredibly hard to hit the target. You have to control your breathing, control your thoughts, monitor your strength and steady your arm to hit the target.  By shifting your focus you let go of a lot of problems in your life and you stop overthinking issues.  Archery is a terrific hobby to try and is great for improving your arm and back muscles so you will look fantastic in those tank tops you love so much.


Shooting is much like archery only you are using a gun or air rifle for sport shooting.  Sport shooting is easy to do.  Even disabled individuals can enjoy this fun hobby.  When you enjoy this hobby you can do it to de-stress on your own or even engage in competitions.

Horseback riding

If you love horses then it is time to give this wonderful hobby a try.  You don’t have to own your own horse to enjoy horse riding.  Many horse owners and range owners will let you ride to your hearts content at a small monthly fee.


Every woman should learn to defend herself.  Kickboxing is great for learning self-defense and it is a great cardio workout.  Kickboxing is also a great anti-stress sport because you can pound the daylights out of that punching bag and get rid of all of your stress and bottled up anger.


Cycling is great for dealing with stress and anxiety simply because you it is such a good cardio workout.  You also get out a bit and you can enjoy glorious scenes while you cycle through bike trails and beautiful parks.

Roller skating

Roller skates are hardly seen on the market these days but are still a terrific sport for getting rid of stress.  When you roller skate you get plenty of fresh air, you see a lot of beautiful scenes to take your mind off your worries, you build good leg muscles and you have a lot of fun since roller skating is super fun to do.

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