We all know that we need to be working to maintain optimum health. However, going to the gym doesn’t always seem as enticing as we need it to. And, we often grow weary of traditional sports. So, now it’s time to discover sports you’ve got to try.

Of course, you’re welcome to stick to the normal sporting agendas. Look into indoor basketball and the types of balls necessary for the greatest enjoyment. All you have to do is click here. We understand the desire to stick to the things you know and why it’s important to have the best gear. But, maybe you’re looking for something a little more over the top. Something new to get those activity desiring juices flowing. That’s why you’ll want to keep reading.

Sports You’ve Got to Try

5 Sports You’ve Never Heard of But Will Want to Try

It’s hard to imagine that there are a plethora of crazy sports out there. But, we’ve managed to locate 5 sports you’ve never heard of but will want to try. Trust us, these are a bit strange but that’s what makes them fun for a beginner and keeps them fun for the professionals. Here’s your 5:

  1. Sepak Takraw– If you can get past the name you should earn a point. However, in Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, and Malaysia, where it’s most popular, that won’t fly. Instead you’ll have to learn how to play volleyball with your lower appendages. Get the ball over the net with your feet, but do it in a way that the opposing team can’t send it back to you. Learn more.
  2. SlamBall- We know you love contact sports. Otherwise football wouldn’t be as popular as it is. However, this sport combines three different elements that include football, basketball, and even gymnastics. It can be violent though, so be prepared.
  3. Extreme Ironing– You thought it was extreme when your mom asked you to iron. Now they’ve made a sport of it. The game started in the 1990s and has even been featured by TIME magazine. That’s pretty extreme in itself. Essentially, participants are required to iron from various ‘extreme’ places. Watch this.
  4. Cyclocross- Lose the engines of motocross and you’ve got the cyclocross experience in a nutshell. It’s mud and manpower, but it’s looks like tons ‘o’ fun. You’ll be certain to have plenty of muddy wipe outs, but you’ll definitely be building muscle powering through the mud and racing the other contestants.
  5. Frisbee Golf– We’d be remiss if we didn’t introduce this unique pastime to you. Imagine the fun you had as a kid, or college student, playing frisbee. There was frisbee football and now there’s frisbee golf. Basically, think of golf but with specialized frisbees and in the place of holes, imagine chained baskets. And, to make it all the more exciting, you’ll find that most courses go through the woods to add the joy of natural obstacles. Happy aiming.

Hopefully you’ve found something on this list of sports that you’ve got to try. If you’re looking for more ideas though, we suggest you visit this site. Honestly, it doesn’t matter whether you stick to indoor basketball or seek out something you can’t pronounce. The thing that matters most is that you invest your energy in getting active so that you can stay healthy.

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