Restroom are places that are used by many people, whether they are public restrooms or private ones. For health reasons, it is important to ensure that they are always hygienically clean. This ensures that germs and bad smells are kept away, making them more attractive for people to use. They also become more accommodative of the people around them but not necessarily using them. A good example would be an office or hotel restroom. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the reasons to keep restrooms clean in the workplace.

It shows you value your workforce

When the restroom in the workplace is clean, it shows that there is good hygiene in the workplace. This boosts the confidence of the workforce because they feel more valued. Aside from that, it also creates a positive impression on the customers, which directly impacts on the sales.

It reduces the spread of bacteria and viruses

Who would want to work in a place where the probability of catching an infection is high? Nobody. That is why the restrooms should be cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized on a regular basis throughout the day. Due to the fact that the tools used for cleaning are likely to become contaminated, it is important to use disposable cloths, mops, and sponges to reduce the chances of cross-contamination. Some of the common diseases that can be caused by dirty restrooms include:

  • Norovirus: An inflammation of the stomach or intestines
  • Influenza
  • MRSA: A bacterium that is resistant to many antibiotics, which can lead to skin infections, sepsis, pneumonia, and bloodstream infections

It helps preserve the condition of your floors, sinks, and toilets

Cleaning and disinfecting are some of the most effective ways of preserving the floors, sinks, and toilets in the workplace. This prevents things like rusting and molding, which are usually a huge source of headaches when it comes to damaging things. Cleaning and maintenance is one great way of saving time and money.

Reasons to Keep Restrooms Clean

Reasons to Keep Restrooms Clean

Best Rated Toilet Reviews

It is important to not only get toilets that are comfortable, but also toilets that are long lasting. There are many different types of toilets that one can install in their washrooms. Here’s an idea of some of the best toilets that you might want to consider. These toilets come in one piece and two piece types.

Two Piece Toilets

Best Elongated

This is one of the best elongated two piece toilets that you can get, and it comes with a simple lever-style flush system. It can add to the resale value of your property, and it can work with a variety of spaces. It is also very quiet when flushing, while a strong, thick layer of sanagloss ensures that it is cleaner for longer. This also makes it very easy to clean.

Best Round

American Standard 221DA104.020 Colony Toilet Combo

This toilet works perfectly for smaller framed people, and the round space is more comfortable to sit on. It comes in two different sizes, 10 inch and 12 inch, and one can choose between three colors (white, bone, and linen), meaning that it is easier to customize it.  it isn’t skirted and has no special flush system.

Best ADA Comfort Height

TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake ADA Toilet

This toilet comes with a wide option of colors to choose from. The height is ADA Comfort Height approved, making it the perfect option for people with back, hip, knee, or muscle problems. The color choices include bone, colonial white, cotton white, ebony, and Sedona beige. It uses little water and doesn’t feature a dual flush system. It also features a variety of plumbing hook-ups and a drain plumbing which is 12 inches from the wall.

Best Dual Flush

TOTO CST412MF.01 Aquia Dual Flush Elongated Toilet

This toilet is small and round, and it comes featuring a dual flushing system. It doesn’t come with the traditional toilet shape, but instead looks more like the skirted toilets. It is perfect for the modern lifestyle.

Best One Piece Toilets

Best Elongated

TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax II Het Double Cyclone

This is a one-piece toilet that lies between traditional and modern, and it comes featuring a streamlined top half, while the bottom exposes the piping like the traditional toilets. It also comes with a special double cyclone flushing system for convenient first flushing. Cleaning is easy thanks to the sanagloss finish. It comes with a toilet seat with a slow close system. You have a choice of six different colors to choose from, white, cotton white, cotton, colonial white, Sedona beige, and bone.

Best Round

TOTO MS853113E#01 Eco Ultramax Round Front Toilet

This is very similar to the toilet reviewed above, aside from the fact that it is rounded and it comes in limited colors (cotton white, colonial white, Sedona beige, and bone). It has a good water consumption that is 20% less than traditional toilets.

Best ADA Comfort Height

Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa Comfort Height Toilet

This is a toilet that is easy to get onto, making it the perfect choice for those with knee problems, back problems, hip problems, or muscle issues. It is an ADA approved toilet that ensures comfort height. It is a little wider than some of the other toilets, and the tank is lower giving it a lower profile. It is available in seven different colors.

Best Dual Flush

Duravit 2157010005 Durastyle Toilet

This fully skirted toilet has a squared and streamlined shape, setting it apart from the other ones in terms of style. This is perfect for those that are after something different. It has a simple flush button at the top, and a push button system lets one choose between a high pressure and low pressure flow.


Keeping restrooms clean is important for every business since it could affect the overall business image. Comfort should also be taken into account when making the restrooms, and the toilets mentioned above are some of the different choices that people can choose from.

A standout amongst the most troublesome things to look out for while on a camping or hiking trip is definitely personal hygiene. Regardless of whether you’re at a proper camping facility with running water or you’re really roughing it miles far from the closest individual, keeping clean is regularly a battle. Without the helpful conveniences we’ve gotten so used to, staying aware of the germs, dirt, and bacteria that appear to be so attached to our skin and hair is a consistent test. Be that as it may, with these basic tricks and a couple of little things, you can keep yourself moderately clean and healthy in the outside.

Health & Hygiene Tips for Campers

  1. Swab yourself. It takes more than a daily wash to keep bacteria and other germs under control when you’re on an outdoors trip. Regularly, you may get yourself totally smudged without access to running water. This can somewhat be fixed with a bag of cotton balls and some hydrogen peroxide. Basically wet the cotton balls with it, and give yourself a swab on territories of high bacteria development – the face, armpits, feet, and crotch. In spite of the fact that a long way from a full cleaning, it will shield you from smelling bad and fellow campers avoiding you because of it!
  2. Carry hand sanitizer. Despite the fact that individual sterilizing items have experienced some backfire from immune system proponents as of late, they unquestionably have their place in the outdoors. Before you go after that bag of chips or start setting up your outdoors gathering’s next dinner, utilize a liberal dab of hand sanitizer to keep conceivably unsafe bacteria from being ingested. You might be able to tolerate nasty hands but getting sick while you’re on a camping trip is certainly not a healthy thing!
  3. Opt for a natural bath. In the event that you don’t have access to running water, taking a dunk in a waterway or stream with a travel sized container of cleanser is the next best thing. Be mindful so as not to bathe in stale water, in any case, as bacteria has a tendency to grow where flow is inadequate.
  4. Don’t re-wear garments. As enticing as it may be to pack as light as could be expected under the circumstances, make certain to carry enough garments to last the term of your excursion. It may be a torment conveying the additional gear into the forested areas, yet having the capacity to put on clean garments in the morning is well justified, despite all the trouble. In any event, consider bringing some additional sets of socks and clothing. You can stuff these into your waterproof survival backpack. Just be careful about certain aspects while deciding to purchase a survival backpack such as capacity, comfort, durability, price and other additional features.
  5. Bring a small scoop. In what capacity will a scoop help keep you and your campground clean? Two words: washroom breaks. When you’re somewhere down in the forested areas without a restroom close-by, it requires some additional push to do what needs to be done cleanly. The general run is to burrow another lavatory each time, and cover the opening with soil when you’re done. Additionally, keep it no less than a football field’s distance from your campground.