Lego blocks are probably the best-known toy in the world – if you can even call these blocks toys.  Lego has been enjoyed by children and adults since 1934 and is still one of the most popular toys on the shelves of toy stores.  These toys are often also seen as collectibles and plenty of adults have extraordinary collections that required significant investment and time to accomplish.  Children today can choose from a much wider range of Lego blocks, sets, and collections than ever before.  The diversity of these blocks is exactly what makes them so popular. You can construct virtually anything from these blocks if you only have enough of them. You can check out LEGO ways to learn more about these infamous blocks and to see all the latest Lego news.

The Amazing Benefits Kids Enjoy When They Play With Lego

The Amazing Benefits Kids Enjoy When They Play With Lego

But these amazing blocks are used for much more than just fun.  Lego blocks are educational and provide children and adults with plenty of great benefits like the following.

Promotes fine motor skills

The pressure, concentration, focus and hand and eye coordination it takes to build Lego blocks are wonderful for developing the muscles in small hands and fingers.  Lego is amazing for developing fine motor skills in children.

Boosts creativity

Children can create basically anything with Lego blocks.  This ability to create unique objects also boosts a child’s imagination.  They can play, have fun and invent new construction items and be as creative as they want with their blocks.

Improves communication skills

Building Lego relieves children from stress and enhances meaningful engagement with other children, during pretend play and with parents.  Verbal communication is greatly improved through play.

Reduces stress

Children with good fine motor skills can use Lego blocks to reduce the effects of stress.  Building these blocks gives them something else to focus on and helps them calm down.  Those that don’t have good fine motor skills yet will get enraged on the other hand.

Great for shaping future engineers

Lego is all about strategizing and planning.  This improves your child’s ability to figure things out on their own and to plan ahead.  Boosting these planning and lateral skills is great for improving your child.

Improves patience

These fun blocks also enhance patience in kids.  They can sit quietly and figure something out without feeling stressed or enraged and they learn to be patient while the construction work is ongoing.

Improves focus and concentration

Children also learn to settle down, quiet down and to focus on the task at hand.  Concentration is greatly improved an improves your child’s ability to perform in a school environment.

Lego can boost self-esteem

Playing Lego blocks with other kids is great for improving your social skills.  Kids are constantly engaged in building and they are constantly interacting with one another while they are playing.

Legos are safe

The heads of Lego men are designed with a hole in them so children can still breathe if they accidentally swallow the lego.

Lego building is great fun and incredibly beneficial to your mental health.  Instead of the usual junk toys, you can definitely make the switch to Lego and allow kids to learn a lot more.

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