There is nothing that looks better than golden tanned skin.  With a great looking tan, you can rock any outfit or head through the streets in your most worn out shorts and still look absolutely fantastic.  It can be hard to get a tan if you are stuck in an office all day and even when you actually get to spend some time in the sun, you have to limit your exposure or risk ending up with skin cancer.  There are a few ways you can get gorgeous bronze skin without setting foot into the harsh rays of the sun.  These sunless tanning solutions include tanning beds, salon spray tans and self-tanners and are the safest and healthiest tanning methods that you definitely should try.

The Healthiest Ways to Get Beautiful Dark Skin

Tanning beds

A home tanning bed is an absolute luxury because you can enjoy as many tanning sessions as you like from the comfort of your home. Tanning beds use UV tanning bulbs to tan your skin and although you do need to limit your sessions and use a tanning bed lotion, it is still much safer than sun tanning.  There are also a lot of salons that offer tanning bed solutions so you can look and feel fantastic without spending as much.  The great part about tanning is that it provides the most enduring results and you can reduce your sessions to one session every two weeks just to maintain your look.

Professional spray tan

A salon spray tan is probably the best solution if you want instant bronze skin.  Before you head to a salon, you should do some research on which products to avoid because some chemicals can strip your tan.  You should also exfoliate your skin for the most even tan result possible.  Professional spray tans are quick and lasts 7 – 10 days if you do proper after care and if you avoid certain products that could strip your tan.


Self-tanners are incredibly affordable these days and are great for providing you with an instant and safer tan result.  Self-tanners are available in various brands and come in spray tans, gels, creams and even touchup solutions that can help you hide flawed tanning results.   Norvell spray tan, for example is a fantastic tan that provides a super fine spray that provides a bronze beach tan result.  This unique spray tan also moistens your skin, repairs dehydration and locks in DHA for a lasting result.  To use this great tan, you can simply spray it while holding the can a bit away from your skin and apply to all the areas that you would like to have tanned.

It is important to take great care when using any type of self-tanner because you could end up with an uneven result and if you apply too much to one area; your tan could end up running down your skin and result in streaks.

Spray tanning, self-tanning and tanning beds each have their own advantages and disadvantages that you can research to find the solution that best suit your budget and scenario but all in all, a tan is probably the easiest and best way to improve your overall look.

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