While we are thinking about your health, we also want you to be thinking about making smart decisions. We understand that there is a desperate desire to shed pounds as quickly as possible. And, we understand that charlatans abound when it comes to offering dietary advice. That is why we have compiled this list of the world’s worst diet recommendations. Hopefully, with this information in hand, you will be able to recognize bad advice more readily.

The World’s Worst Diet Recommendations

Most of us have tried just about everything under the sun to lose weight. But the best advice always focuses on making healthier eating choices. That is why it might be time to learn more about healthy eating with hypnosis. The hypnotists as this New York based center, believe they can help make healthy eating and exercising feel more like natural desires instead of things you have to make yourself do. That’s the basis behind weight loss hypnosis. Who knows? It might work a good deal better than the horrid recommendations we are about to present to you.

4 Terrible Trends in Dieting

If you battle with weight issues, there is no doubt that you have heard a number of great spiels about how this new fad-diet is just the thing you need. Or, how this pill, which is made of some recently discovered all-natural supplement, is going to make those pounds melt away like butter. Surely, you know that if it sounds too good to be true, it is. So, take a gander at these 4 terrible trends in dieting, and be sure to stay away:

  1. Food Group Restrictive– Recall the cabbage soup, grapefruit and low-carb diets that infiltrated the dieting world and Facebook. If a diet is ruling out any one food group, it’s going to fail. Yes, the restrictive nature of the diet will initially work to shed pounds, but how long can you endure eating cabbage soup? The cravings will eventually hit and you’ll be back to your starting weight if not even higher on the scale.
  2. Detox- Diets that fall in this category include the Martha’s Vineyard, Master Cleanse, and Hallelujah diets. When a diet calls for extreme liver flushes and body cleanses, it should be suspect in your mind. Your body is design perfectly for the purpose of ridding itself of toxins. You don’t need the extra help recommended by these diets. Learn more about the dangers of detox diets.
  3. Miracles- How many diets have you seen that promote some sort of miracle food or ingredient? You’ve seen the green tea, apple cider vinegar, and fructose water suggestions. But, the sad truth is, there are no miracle ingredients. And, don’t start taking an insane amount of supplements either (especially the kind that come from a specific brand or author).
  4. Fasting– For spiritual reasons, fasting can be quite beneficial (read more). But, when it comes to using it as a means to drop the pounds, steer clear. Your body will adjust its metabolism to meet the needs of the minimal intake of food. So, you’ll be creating a hormonal yo-yo when you begin to eat again. Besides, when you don’t eat, you limit your own energy levels.

If you would like to learn some better ways to handle weight loss, this link provides you some excellent, and healthy, recommendations.

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