People have always been looking for ways to improve the human body or to overcome medical conditions and to replace organisms and limbs that somehow had to be removed from the body.  There are just too many people out there that suffer on a daily basis because of their medical condition or disability.  At the moment, most medical institutions rely on organ replacements and prosthetics to help out those that no longer have full functionality of their body.  But pretty soon we could be looking into medical treatments of a very different kind.  Transhumanism basically involves replacing body parts with technological devices such as robotics or for using these devices to improve the functionality of our bodies.  Transhumanism is still greatly underdeveloped but these artificial devices are already being used to improve the lives of people. Here are just a few different types of Transhumanism tech that is in use right now.

Transhumanism Tech That Will Be Improving the Lives of People In The Near Future

Transhumanism Tech That Will Be Improving the Lives of People In The Near Future

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is already a possibility and VR headsets are available in online stores across the globe.  These headsets enable you to experience a digital world as if you are there, inside the digital world.  Right now, virtual reality is mostly used for entertainment purposes but pretty soon this type of tech could be used for educational and training purposes as well and there might just be a link to cure blindness in this technology.

Gene therapy

RNA interference is used to select and knock out certain genes in your system and replaces bad genes with good ones.  Scientists have come so far with this technology; they are actually able to make mice stay slim no matter how much they eat.  This technology isn’t helping people at the moment but pretty soon gene therapy could be used to help those with gene mutations or bad genes that result in terrible health and medical conditions.


Cybernetics is already helping thousands of people in the world.  A cochlear implant is enabling many deaf people to hear and pretty soon cyborg upgrades might just enhance vision and metabolism as well.  Cybernetics might also be used to create artificial bones, muscles, and even artificial organs.

Mind Uploading

We all have seen those movies like The Matrics where information is directly uploaded into characters minds without them opening a book. This type of transhumanism might just be a possibility in the near future.  Mind uploading involves implementing cognitive processing in our minds in different ways.  This type of technology is already greatly developed but our world is simply not ready for this type of tech because people just aren’t ready to believe that information can be directly implanted into their minds.

Brain prostheses

The world’s first brain prosthesis is going to be tested in California pretty soon.  Basically, this implant will replace a part of the brain that has been damaged or can stimulate brain activity in certain areas.  This technology can help reduce the effects of brain damage or even cure brain damage entirely in the near future.

Transhumanism is fascinating and definitely worth keeping your eye on.  If you want to know more about these phenomenal medical advancements then you can definitely start following the website Human Paragon.  This site will keep you updated on all the latest findings and research so you can be ready to accept modern tech and improve your health for a longer and happier life.

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