Adults may think themselves too old for play. However, we might all do a good deal better if we tried to understand the health benefits of play. Perhaps your three year old mentioned that “other Mommies play with their children.” And you’re feeling like a bit of a failure in that arena. Not to worry, this article should help you make sense of why it is still important for you to actively engage in play as well.

Sure, your three year old might just be hoping that you learn about the best dollhouse range ever in order to acquire one. But, there is probably more to the story. And, while KidKraft has been making a slew of intricately designed dollhouses since 1968 that might not be the kind of play you were hoping for. But, if you do choose to get the dollhouse for your child, you should probably also try playing with him/her, there are lots of benefits to dollhouse play.

Understand the Health Benefits of Play

Other Play Benefits

Dollhouse time might not be your idea of exciting play options. That is why we suggest you determine the kinds of play that best represent your interests and personality. That way you will be able to embrace the other play benefits available to you. Some of these include:

  • Stress relief– Endorphins are triggered when we play because it is a fun activity. This feel good hormone can make you enjoy an overall sense of wellbeing and might even do wonders on some of the physical pains you may have been experiencing.
  • Boost Brain Power– Of course, some forms of play will do more in this arena than others, but it is important to know that this is a potential benefit nonetheless. Anything that challenges your brain will be beneficial and when we play with people we care about, we can successfully fight depression and stress. Read this.
  • Stimulate Creativity– Your kids aren’t the only ones who learn best when in the midst of play. New skills are a lot easier to learn when they are fun, or when you are relaxed. And, play will help incite your brain’s ability to imagine, adapt, and even solve problems.
  • Aid in Social Interaction– When you can laugh with people and have a good time with them, you will find that your relationships are strengthened. You develop a better ability to be empathetic, compassionate, and trusting. Your mood can do wonders for breaking the ice and making new friends. Try on a playful nature. Get some tips by clicking this.
  • Fight the Aging Process– Playing will keep you young, at least emotionally and mentally. Growing old doesn’t have to be the end of your playtime. In fact, there’s no better time than now to start actively engaging in some sort of playful behavior. It can boost vitality and energy. In fact, playing might just be a key to longevity via its ability to help you feel good and fight illness.

Surely your kids are dying for you to hang out with them in their new dollhouse. They want you to actively engage in their storylines and imaginings. But, you also need to understand that you need adult playtime too. Find something that you and your friends really enjoy doing and make it a priority in your regular schedule. And, while you’re at it, change your attitude. That will make a world of difference. Learn more about playing here.

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