You would have heard the truism that exercise is medicine. You would find a bundle of scientific evidence that shows that exercise for a few minutes daily can keep you away from the hospital or any kind of pills, particularly running. Diseases like obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancers, high blood pressure, stroke, or a host of other nasty conditions wouldn’t haunt you even when you grow old. There is a no better option to improve your life physically as well as mentally than running. It would also add years to your life.

What Contribution Running/Jogging Makes to Your Fitness?

What Contribution Running/Jogging Makes to Your Fitness?

Try these on for size:

Running makes you happier:

If you ever feel a bit down and nothing helps out, exercise can help you feel better. It has been proved by researchers that even a single session of 30 min walk can instantly lift your mood if you are suffering from a depressive order. This is an easy and healthy way to cope with stress.

The combination of music and running adds to exercise fun. Take your iPod, mp3 player or cell phone along when going for a walk. You cannot carry these devices in your hand during your walk. Get a running belt for this. This would make it convenient for you to carry your running exercises. This is more multifunctional than it looks. One of the kinds is hydration-running belt that lets you carry water bottles and stay hydrated. Different brands offer different features, and you need to look for various factors to get the best running belt.

Comfort comes first and always get our hand on the belt that makes you feel like you are wearing nothing. Second important thing is storage space. See how many pockets the belt is offering. T should accommodate all your valuables like an ID, money, wallet, headphones, and your cell phone. It is better to make a list of things you are likely to carry around. Check if all these things fit in the belt you have chosen. Look for the other options if the selected on doesn’t satisfy your needs. More things you should focus on are quality and the color. Settle on a perfect piece and do a happy running.

It strengthens your knees:

Running enhances bone mass that even helps to prevent age-related bone damage. Many people have believed in the myth that running is not good for knees. If anybody tells you this, tell them it has been proven in science that running, in fact, makes knees strong. Try to ask the people with knee soreness if they have any history of running. This is very unlikely. Also, you won’t find those runners over a long time have any risks of developing osteoarthritis.

It keeps you sharper, even as you age:

Sicking to workout can make everything stay you are likely to lose when you age. You wouldn’t have to worry about losing sharpness with age because running has a positive effect on your mental health. Regular exercise helps to fight age-related mental decline. Studies found that fitter old individuals scored more than their younger unfit peers did. It also keeps your memory working the same way as it does when you are young. Your brain function even gets improved with regular exercise.

Running can reduce the risk of cancer:

You would find lots of proof that show that running prevents cancer. It doesn’t cure cancer, but it can improve the quality of life and avert the further risks. Association of cancer with lower risk is also proved by studies. Make running part of your life and live it healthily.

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