With the many negative effects of high humidity, it is mandatory for every home to have a humidifier especially if health is put into perspective.  For a very long period of time, the negative effects of high humidity have been under estimated with many people not sure of the clear signs of high humidity.

It is common for every house to have high humidity at one point or the other and the good thing is that it is very easy to know if you have high moisture levels in your house. One of the clear signs of high moisture levels is the appearance of mildew and mold in the house. In some cases there is normally a pungent smell that is a clear indication of a humid environment. It may also cause stuffiness if the level of humidity is high.

Why A Dehumidifier Is Needed For Optimum Health

High humidity is harmful to health because it provides a prime environment for bacteria and microscopic organisms to thrive. Dust mites are likely to thrive in an environment of high humidity and that is one of the key reasons why you should own a dehumidifier.

High humidity is mainly associated with allergies but may have many other negative effects on health. Some of the effects of high humidity on health may include:

Respiratory Problems: High humidity is linked with respiratory problems because it promotes the level of dust mites in the air and bacteria that may contaminate air that is breathed in causing respiratory problems.  In some cases humidity may cause stuffy air that may have a negative impact on the health. Mold and mildew may also have a respiratory effect when it is inhaled.

Allergies: High humidity causes allergies for people who are sensitive. Most of the time allergy attacks will in the form of: colds, running nose, stuffy nose, dizziness, and headaches among many others. This may cause discomfort and that is why you need a dehumidifier.

Skin irritation: In some cases, high humidity may result in skin irritation. The stuffiness of the air, microbes in the air and mold may cause skin rashes and other skin irritations.

Since no one loves being sick, then it is worth considering purchasing a dehumidifier. There are many dehumidifier reviews that can act as a guideline. Even with that, we will explore some of the best dehumidifiers in 2017 in the market to help you in choosing one. They include:

Ivation 70-Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier

Being a 70 pint energy humidifier, it has the power to operate in large spaces and can cover spaces up to 4,500 square feet. It gives you the convenience and ease of use you need by having a digital display with auto features that can help in turning the unit on and off and a humidistat to control the humidity levels in the air. The easy controls can help you to set the fan speed and timers to the settings you want. Its auto restart settings will preserve your settings in case you turn off the unit or the case of a power outage.

The unit can also be used in low temperatures. This is made possible by a frost sensor that prevents the coils from freezing when the temperatures are very low.

Not only has the unit been made with functionality but it’s also been beautifully designed with a sleek design that blends in well with any décor.

The unit is does not come with a built in pump like other dehumidifiers but has a large reservoir that can hold up to 1.3 gallons of water.

Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 70-Pint Dehumidifier

This is a dehumidifier specially meant for the basement.  It comes with an LCD screen that contains easy programmable settings that can help you do a quick setup. With the settings, you can easily control the humidity levels of any set up.

The Frigidaire dehumidifier is energy star rated meaning you don’t have to worry about high utility bills as it is energy efficient.

Not only is it a dehumidifier but filters the air as well. It contains a reusable that can easily be cleaned by rinsing it out.

With a frost sensor, one does not have to worry about using the unit in very low temperatures as they can be sure that the coils will not freeze.

The main disadvantage this dehumidifier is that its noise level is very high and thus if you have a problem with noise then you should reconsider your choice. If you prefer the option of continuous draining then this will lock you out as it does not give one that option

Friedrich D70BP 70-Pint

Unlike the other dehumidifiers we have talked about previously, this is different as it comes with a built in drain pump and thus you can just connect your hose pipe and you are good to go.

If continuous draining is not your kind of thing, it has a big reservoir of 16 pint that gives you a lot of time between draining.

It has been beautifully designed with its controls are located on the upper part for quick set up and control.

It is energy star rated and thus is very energy efficient saving you the burden of high utility bills.

The only cons of this dehumidifier are its high price and its difficulty in being moved around as it does not have a handle.

BLACK+DECKER BDT70WT 70-Pint Portable dehumidifier

It is a dehumidifier that is made in a very stylish way. It is blank on the front part with a small window that can be used to monitor the reservoir levels. Its digital controls are located on the upper part that can help you set everything in a matter of seconds.

It has a great performance and with great features. It is equipped with an inbuilt pump that helps you do continuous drainage. If you prefer operating with a reservoir, it has a reservoir that can easily be removed and put back in.

The main advantage of this dehumidifier over others is that it works in both low and high temperatures with a range of between 38 and 92 degrees Fahrenheit.

This dehumidifier is not as energy efficient or star rated as others but has standard levels of 70 pints per day. It gives you the ability to control the humidity levels by having a humidity gauge.

As compared to other dehumidifiers which don’t really emit a lot of heat, this runs hot and may not be suitable for small rooms or small spaces unless you have an air conditioner.

This unit cannot be placed against the walls as its ventilation is located at the back

HI sense 70-Pint 2-Speed Dehumidifier with Built-In Pump

As the name suggests this dehumidifier comes with a built in pump and thus if you prefer continuous drainage you should consider it. It has a reservoir as well which comes with auto shut button that will turn off the unit when it is full. Its pump is however not the strongest as it can do up to a distance of ten feet.

Being equipped with a frost sensor, the unit can work well with low temperatures as the coils will not freeze.  So long as the temperature is more than 38 degrees it can work well.

Unlike other units that may be noisy, this is a very low noise level unit which is convenient for those who prefer quiet spaces.

The main con of this unit is its pump which is not the strongest and there have been complains about the pump being fragile. It has automated on and off cycles that don’t work very well. As much as the unit is portable, it is relatively heavier than other dehumidifiers.

Frigidaire 50-Pint Dehumidifier with Effortless Humidity Control

It is the smallest dehumidifier in the Frigidaire range though other features are relatively the same. Its small size is because it can remove a small moisture level from the air with up to a size of 50 pint.

The unit is suitable for medium spaces and can do spaces of up to 2500 square feet.

It is equipped with a humidistat that can help you to control the humidity level. The cycle can be put on and off without much effort.

It is easily portable. The reservoir comes with a splash control that turn off the unit when the reservoir is full to prevent water from spilling. It has a handle that makes carrying it around easy.

The unit comes with a continuous drainage option though it does not have an inbuilt pump. When it

The unit can be safely used in low temperature environments as it is equipped with a frost sensor that protects the coils.

The unit is ecofriendly as it is energy star rated which means it is energy efficient.

The only problem with this unit is high noise levels.

Edge Star 30 Pint Portable Dehumidifier – Best for RV’s

This is a small dehumidifier that is mainly meant for small spaces. It is small as it can only do a moisture intake of up to 30 pint and works well in an area of up to 400 square feet though it can also do up to 1500 square feet. It is small and quiet and thus may be the best for RVs.

Even though it is small, it has an option for continuous draining where you can just connect a hose pie and you are set. Its reservoir tank is fairly big and can hold up to one gallon

It is lightweight, easily portable and with convenience settings. With the settings you can control the humidity levels, fan speed and timers.

Its main disadvantage is the reservoir is prone to spillage because of the design of the unit. The reservoir therefore needs to be emptied before it reaches its capacity. There has been complains about its filter which is deemed inferior according to international standards and thus one will have to replace the filter.

1byone 400ML Powerful Thermo-electric Dehumidifier – Best for Closets

As the name suggests, it is best for closets and this is mainly due to its size. It has a small size and is light weight with a weight of up to 3lbs. It works best in spaces that are less than 100 square feet and can dry the air by removing moisture of up to 170 ml a day.

This unit uses Peltier technology unlike other units that use a compressor. For its small size, it has a reservoir tank that is big enough and can hold up to a capacity of 400ml. In case the tank is full, its auto shut button will turn off the unit to prevent the unit from spilling.

Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier – Best for Small Spaces in the Home

It is one of the smallest dehumidifiers in the market and thus the name mini dehumidifier. It is meant for very small spaces and can do capacities of up to ten ounces per day. It contains a small reservoir that is easy to empty. Its stylish design, size and low noise levels makes it great for small spaces. Its disadvantage is it cannot be used in large spaces and has low speeds as it only operates o one fan.


From the listing of the best dehumidifiers in 2017, it is evident that you cannot lack what will work best for you. Due to the many positive effects of having a dehumidifier and how it can greatly improve one’s health, purchasing a dehumidifier is mandatory. The good thing is that there is a wide range to choose from and they all have different costs. Having a dehumidifier will save you the costs of going to hospital and the different illnesses associated with humidity. As it is said, prevention is better than cure. It will save you other destructions around the home too.  A dehumidifier is therefore a worth investment that you should look into if you don’t have one.

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