Frequent holidays and breaks from work are critical for maintaining good health.  There is just too much stress going on at work and fatigue and work stress is absolutely terrible for your mental and physical health.  Too much work and too few breaks are some of the biggest triggers for mental health conditions like depression.  In 2012 the United States had more than 16 million depression sufferers.  It is estimated that there is more than 350 million worldwide depression suffers.  That makes up about 5% of the world’s population.  With rising depression and obesity-related conditions, it is clear to see that frequent breaks from work are an absolute must for a healthy mind.

Why Snorkeling Is the Ultimate Healthy Holiday Adventure

Why Snorkeling Is the Ultimate Healthy Holiday Adventure

Why snorkeling is so healthy

Snorkeling is one of the healthiest activities to include in all of your holidays.  This is an activity with tremendous mental, physical and educational benefits like the following:

Educational – Snorkeling is tremendously educational.  You learn a lot about the reef life, about snorkeling itself and about all the different ocean threats and protective methods out there.  Learning new things is superb for improving your cognitive functioning and for keeping your mind sharp and alert.

Great breathing exercises – The breathing exercises done during snorkeling is fantastic for your lungs.  It boosts your oxygen uptake abilities and the breathing exercises are great for calming you down and for reducing stress.

A great cardio workout – You do a lot of swimming while you are exploring the reefs which is a great full body workout. In fact, most fitness experts believe that swimming is one of the best cardio workouts to do because every muscle in your body is targeted.

Improves heart health – The reduced stress levels and cardio workout is fantastic for your heart.

Boosts your mental health – Snorkeling reduces stress and anxiety and helps you focus on something completely different.  This break from the usual and tension loaded environment is great for your mental wellbeing.

Boosts your mood – The crisp waters, outdoor adventure, and beauty of the reefs will boost your mood like nothing else can.

The best snorkeling destination

Cannot wait to go on a snorkeling adventure?  Fantastic then it is definitely time to start planning your trip to Cozumel.  This fantastic island in the Caribbean Sea is one of the best places to enjoy snorkeling because there are quite a few glorious reefs to explore.  The island itself is beautiful and packed with lots of adventures to try.  El Cielo Cozumel tours are the perfect tour to take if you want the best possible snorkeling adventure.  The El Cielo tour directly translates to English as ‘Heaven on Earth’ and the term explains this tour perfectly.  The sea life in El Cielo in the Cozumel Marine Park is breathtaking and rich in a great variety of species.

If stress and depression are getting you down then snorkeling is definitely a hobby to start taking up right now.  One single trip can give you all the relaxation, adventure and stress relief you need so you can stay focused and happy.

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